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Information about manufacturer - Vogelfreude

Vogelfreude is a German manufacturer which produces natural well-balanced food for birds. Strict compliance to European standards and the use of natural ingredients only are the main principles of the company work.

Vogelfreude products

The trade mark “Vogelfreude” produces the following goods:

  • Foods:
    • for large parrots;
    • for shell parakeets;
    • for exotic birds;
    • for canaries.
  • Sand which can be used as bedding for cages and as a food supplement for birds.
Advantages of Vogelfreude products

Vogelfreude foods include only wholesome well-balanced mixes. Among its benefits there are:

  • Qualitative natural ingredients. The composition of Vogelfreude foods contains only selected seeds, nuts and cereals.
  • Balanced food formula. Foods are suitable for pets with allergies as well as for tropical birds with special food preferences. When producing foods the company considers needs of various feathered species. For example, canaries are small birds which needn’t high-calorie food. That’s why the food made for them has low calorie density.
  • Health benefit. Vogelfreude products provide birds with all the important vitamins and nutrients.

Sand for birds by Vogelfreude consists of quartz, shells, calcite and other useful minerals. They improve your pet’s metabolism and gastric motor activity.

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In the catalogue of our web store you’ll find a wide choice of various foods for birds by Vogelfreude. In Zoobio there are always some deals and special offers. Don’t miss an opportunity to buy high quality food at the most affordable prices. Place an order for Vogelfreude products right now and indulge your pet with real delicacies!

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