Trixie Fusion Semi-Choke, Blue/green

Half-Check Collars Fusion Semi-Choke, Blue/green 45–53 /3 cm  by Trixie Buy fair and favorable with a discount
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40–46 /3 cm 45–53 /3 cm
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There are all kinds of different collars. TRIXIE offers you a large selection of different shapes, materials and functions.

  • High-quality nylon strap
  • Optimal distribution of pressure due to extra wide version
  • Fully adjustable
  • Comfortable to wear due to neoprene padding
  • With stop
  • Reflective woven-in threads and signal colour
Half-Check Collars Trixie Fusion Semi-Choke, Blue/green variants
  • Fusion Semi-Choke, Blue/green 40–46 /3 cm
  • Fusion Semi-Choke, Blue/green 45–53 /3 cm

Suitable for Dog breeds

Large, over 26 kg

Trixie Fusion Semi-Choke, Blue/green customer reviews

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