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Taste of the Wild

Information about manufacturer - Taste of the Wild

Taste of the Wild is an American brand of premium foods. These products do not contain any grains. Another feature of these foods is high amount of easy digestible proteins. Taste of the Wild is a well-balanced nutrition made by nature itself.

Taste of the Wild Products

Each product of the Taste of the Wild trademark is made using original recipe. The main product series include 5 kinds of food for dogs.

  • Wetlands – with smoked turkey, fried quail and duck;
  • Pacific Stream – with smoked salmon;
  • Southwest – with boar, mutton and beef;
  • High Prairie – with venison and fried buffalo meat;
  • Sierra Mountain – with lamb.

Each food can be both dry and wet. In the Taste of the Wild product line, you’ll find balanced diet for puppies as well.

The company also offers a product for cats – Rocky Mountain (with smoked salmon and fried venison).

Advantages of Taste of the Wild Products
  1. Quality guarantee.

    All the Taste of the Wild foods comply with the AAFCO (The Association Of American Animal Feed Control Officials) standards.

  2. Unique taste qualities.

    The products have a prominent taste that animals like very much. The manufacturer achieves this goal due to using appetizing ingredients: venison, buffalo meat, etc.

    without any flavour enhancers or any other food synthetic additives.

  3. Healthy ingredients.

    Taste of the Wild foods differ thanks to their diversity of meat ingredients. They are a source of easy digestible protein that is building material for all body tissues.

    Oceanic fish, in its turn, is rich in polyunsaturated acids Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential for healthy skin and vascular system.

    Fruit, vegetables and herbs enrich animals with fibres and complex carbohydrates needed for good digestion. They are also natural antioxidants that slow down aging processes.

  4. Modern cooking technology.

    In order to produce Taste of the Wild dry foods, they use steam treatment with the water purified through reverse osmotic system. Therefore, choice ingredients preserve all their useful elements.

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