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Information about manufacturer - Sivocat

Natural clumping premium-class litters for cat trays Sivocat are produced by Holland company Sivomatic. This firm uses scientific innovations in its work. It also does research in order to improve the quality of its products.

Sivocat Products

The products of Sivocat trademark are represented by several lines:

  • White Hygiene (ultra, classic, odour signal) is the main series of clay cat litters.
  • Super Soft is especially soft cat litter with baby powder suitable for kittens.
  • Maxi Absorbent is cat litter with the best absorbing features.
  • Lightweight is light cat litter, which can be used for small pet and bird cages.
Advantages of Sivocat Products

Sivocat cat litters consist of natural white clay and crystals that are made from baking soda and dissolvable food colouring using a special patented technology. Contacting with liquids these crystals turn blue.

Therefore, it’s easy to distinguish used litter from unused – that makes cleaning much easier. Moreover, it is economically spent as you won’t throw away more litter that you need to.

The manufacturer also uses a technology called Aromaguard. This is anti-bacterial treatment with a pleasant smell. Thanks to it, Sivocat products preserve freshness 6 times longer than other cat litters.

This brand mark’s products are fully eco-friendly. They do not pollute the environment and are harmless for people and animals.

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