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Royal Canin

Information about manufacturer - Royal Canin

Royal Canin is the world’s leader in the manufacture of food products for cats and dogs. The history of the company dates back to the beginning of 1967. A vet from France, whose name was Jean Cathary made up a balanced mixture for feeding German Shepherd dogs and founded the brand Royal Canin. The first factory appeared in Aimargues, in the south of France. Today, the company’s factories are located worldwide. Since 2002 this brand has belonged to the Mars corporation and includes more than 200 kinds of food for pets.

Royal Canin products

Royal Canin trademark products are represented by the following series:

  • for animals of different ages – for puppies/kittens and adult pets;
  • for certain breeds of cats and dogs – Breed Health Nutrition series;
  • for small, medium or large animals – Royal Canin Size series;
  • for sterilized and neutered animals;
  • for pets with different level of activity – Lifestyle Nutrition (Urban, Sport) series;
  • for dogs and cats with exquisite taste preferences – Exigent series.
Advantages of Royal Canin

Over almost 50 years of work, the company sticks to the principle “Cats and dogs first”. At Royal Canin, it is considered that every animal is unique and it needs a separate, specially developed diet.

Making food, the manufacturer considers the age, breed, size and life style of animals.

All the recipes are developed by the best dieticians basing on the research results of its own scientific centre. Royal Canin collaborates with pet owners and has its own specially equipped breeding ground. Therefore, company employees can always watch how animals react to new foods.

The company constantly maintains the highest quality of its products. Royal Canin food contains only natural ingredients. The manufacturer does not use any flavourings, preservatives, flavour intensifiers and other synthetic additives.

At each stage of production, raw materials go through strict quality control that complies with HACCP standards. Ingredients are tested for hazardous elements; such tests take about 40 minutes, on average. Each ready product goes through an additional analysis, samples are taken from each food batch. It can be stated that 100% of Royal Canin raw materials and ready products are subject to thorough tests.

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In the Zoobio online shop, there is a comprehensive assortment of Royal Canin foods. In our convenient catalogue you’ll find a suitable food for animals of any breed or age. Don’t miss your chance to purchase balanced and healthy daily nutrition – place your order right now!

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