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Information about manufacturer - Rosnerski

The German company Rosnerski was founded in 1976. It recycles and produces more than 200 kinds of sand and gravel. The company offers bulk materials for garden, construction and taking care of animals.

Rosnerski Products

  • Sand for birds. This is natural sterile material that contains limestone and anise. In the Rosnerski assortment, you can find white sand as well as sand of natural red colour.
  • Sand for bathing. Suitable for chinchillas, gerbils and degus. This is fine-grained mineral sand. Thanks to it, your pets’ coat will always be clean and soft.
  • Quartz sand for terrariums. Specialized product for reptiles.
  • Aquarium gravel is roundish stones of different colours.

There is also a quartz sand for rodents and special small pebbles for fancy shrimps.

Advantages of Rosnerski Products

All raw materials for the Rosnerski brand products are thoroughly cleaned and undergo antibacterial processing. The quality and contents of products are regularly checked by the third party laboratories.

Only natural materials that have curing properties are used.

For example, sand for birds helps to improve their bones and sand for rodents improves their coat significantly.

The company has modern high-tech equipment. The production process is fully automated. It is a reliable guarantee of the product quality.

The brand offers most varied materials. Aquarium owners will be especially keen on the wide range. In the Rosnerski assortment, you’ll definitely find gravel of the suitable colour that will create the background for your aquarium décor.

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