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Information about manufacturer - Premier

Premier is an American manufacturer of toys and harnesses for pets. Under this brand, original and, at the same time, durable products are made. The Premier company specialises in the production of interactive toys that ensure cats and dogs’ all-round development.

Premier Products

In the company’s product range there are several series of interactive toys:

  • The Busy Buddy are chewy products with treats inside, intended for dogs. Made in the shape of bones, balls and dumbbells. Their working principle is the following: the dog needs to work out how the toy is designed, make some simple actions and it will receive the award. This product line includes such toys as Tug-a-jug, Twist 'n Treat, Kibble Nibble, Waggle, Biscuit Bouncer.
  • Funkitty is an exciting entertainment for cats. While the cat is playing with these products, food pours out of them little by little; this motivates the cat to continue exploring the toy. You can choose the difficulty level of the game leaving a certain amount of open holes in the toy. The most popular toys from this series are Egg-Cersizer and Twist 'n Treat.
  • Everlasting Treats are durable toys with ribbed surface that effectively clean dogs’ teeth and massage their gums. Inside the item, there is a delicious treat that can be replaced. For this purpose, there are special replacement units with different tastes.

The company also produces various kinds of leashes (double, light up, show leads), harnesses and collars for dogs.

Advantages of Premier Products

Premier products are essential for training your pet. For instance, thanks to chewy toys your dog will get rid of a bad habit: it will stop spoiling furniture and chewing everything around it.

All the products from the Premier brand are made of durable and reliable materials only – caoutchouc and special non-toxic rubber. Therefore, they’ll bring joy to your pet very long time.

Harnesses for dogs are made considering their physiological features. Leashes and harnesses can be easily adjusted.

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In the online-shop Zoobio, you can purchase Premier products at the most affordable prices. Get acquainted with a large assortment of our catalogue and choose any product you like. You can be sure that it is of a high quality as the Premier brand is a company that has had a trusted reputation for many years. Place your order right now and we will take care of the delivery!

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