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Marstall Mash 15 kg

  • Ideal for building up a horses physical and mental strength
  • Produced without the addition of molasses, preservatives or essential oils
  • Stimulates both appetite and digestion
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Mash 15 kg

Marstall Mash – the formula for a gleaming coat and an active digestion. Contains golden linseed, tasty dried apple pommace, high-fibre bran and many other components that stimulate digestion. The ready-mix has pure natural ingredients, it is palatable and easy to digest and is suitable for all horses.

Marstall Mash is an easy to digest ready-mix, manufactured using a traditional recipe with many ingredients that naturally stimulates the appetite, metabolism and digestion. Produced using traditional ingredients, the formulation has been further developed using the latest nutritional findings. Marstall Mash aids the natural function of the intestine and is ideal fed as a change, having an "extra positive effect".

The mucilage of the golden linseed has a positive effect on the mucous membranes of the gastro-intestinal tract and the digestion. When rugularly fed, with the high quantity content of Ω-3-fatty acids, this is responsible for a gleaming coat. A warm meal of Mash can be helpful after e.g. constipation, operations, worm treatment as well as after a foal birth or sudden changes in weather, changes in feed and during the change of coat in spring and autumn. A warm meal during the cold winter months makes the horse feel content. It stimulates the appetite and is ideal for poor doers. Due to its porridge-like consistency it is suitable for horses with bit and chewing problems and especially for senior horses.

Mash Marstall Mash packaging sizes
  • Mash 15 kg
  • Mash 7 kg
  • Composition
Barley (flaked)  (47%) Flaxseeds  (10%) Apple remnants  (10%) Linseed extracted  (10%) Vegetable oil  (2%)
Bockshorn clover Sodium chloride
Sodium and chlorine take part in maintenance of osmotic and acid-base balance.Sodium chloride: Learn more
Cacium carbonat
Analytical Constituents
Crude protein 13.5%
Crude fiber 8.3%
Crude fat 7.5%
Crude ash 5.2%
Calcium 0.8%
Phosphorus 0.4%
Natrium 0.3%
Feeding recommendations

Mash to regulate digestion:

Small horse/pony approx. 0.5 kg per day
Thoroughbred approx. 0.75 kg per day
Warm blooded horse approx. 1 kg per day

Prepare 1–3 x per week approx. 0,5–1,0 kg Mash with hot water in a bucket.

Preparation instructions:
e.g. add 1L Mash to 1L hot water (1 Liter = ca. 0.5 kg Mash).
Leave to steep for approx. 15–20 minutes before feeding, then stir well and feed lukewarm.

Nutrition advice

Balanced horse food
Every day the horse has to receive a set of forages and additives which will provide her organism with necessary nutritious and biologically active agents. Only in this case it for a long time will remain beautiful, healthy and full of strength.

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