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Information about manufacturer - Josera

The German company Josera produces foods for dogs, cats, cattle and pigs. Its history began in 1941, when Joseph and Pauline Erbacher built a factory in Weilbach. Products by the given company are very digestible and have a good effect on the animal’s skin and hair.

Josera Products

For cats and dogs the company offers premium and super premium foods. In its range there are products for animals with various needs. The dog foods are represented by the following categories:

  • for large animals;
  • for small breeds;
  • for fastidious dogs;
  • for active animals;
  • for sporting, working and breed dogs;
  • for puppies and pregnant dogs;
  • for animals with a sensitive stomach and other health problems.

Josera also offers various products for cats:

  • for kittens;
  • for those which are prone to hairball formation in the gastrointestinal tract;
  • for fastidious pets;
  • for lazy animals or for those which are prone to obesity, for example, after neutering;
  • for old cats and those which suffer from chronic kidney disease;
  • for cats with any food intolerance.
Advantages of Josera Products

The company offers high quality foods made of natural raw materials. They don’t contain soy, wheat, sugar, artificial colouring agents and preservatives. The company prefers dealing with local suppliers and it makes the quality control of their products much easier.

Josera pays its special attention to the conservation of natural resources, in particular, to the protection of salmon population. That’s why the food composition of the given manufacturer includes only those fish which are raised in eco-friendly fish farms in Europe.

Josera necessarily checks its raw materials and end products in its own laboratory. Only highly qualified specialists: biologists, food chemists and lab technicians work there. Together they create useful and tasty nutrition for your pets.

Buy Josera Products online

Do you want to buy products by the company without leaving your house? It can be done in our website. Zoobio is a reliable online store which offers qualitative products for pets and an excellent service.

For you to make purchases easily and to enjoy it we’ve thoughtfully created user-friendly design of our website, product descriptions with useful information, a simple process of order placement, different payment methods and a delivery by a reliable company.

With us you can buy Josera products at a very attractive price. It’s your chance to save your money without quality loss in the animal’s nutrition.

Josera and Zoobio do their best for your pet to be healthy and happy. Place an order for the food now and make sure that you’ve made the right choice.

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