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Information about manufacturer - Frigera

The Belgian company Frigera AG manufactured food for pets since 1987. Its products are organic. It means that for its production is used meat of animals which have a possibility of free walking, and also which do not receive hormones and antibiotics. Production of Frigera belongs to a premium segment.

Frigera products

  • The frozen products. If you want that your pet received high-quality natural food, offer it the meat, bones and offal which is carefully manufactured by the Frigera company. Fresh raw materials are quickly and carefully processed therefore practically all the useful substances are preserved.
  • Natural chewing treats For production of these treats, gentle meat and useful offal are used. Raw materials are dried carefully, the finished product does not contain any harmful additives. Pets receive not only tasty, but also useful snack.
  • Snacks. You can please the pet with meat treat of the most different forms, for example, in the form of strips, sticks, dumbbells, sushi and not only.
Advantages of Frigera products

The company uses only those raw materials which are carefully checked by veterinarians. During transportation and storage, temperature requirements are strictly observed, pressure and level of humidity are controlled. At the expense of it, production of Frigera remains fresh and qualitative for a long time. These treats will be an excellent source of useful substances for an animal, including vitamins and minerals. Products of this company are the ideal choice if you chose system of BARF feeding for the pet.

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To buy production of this company at reasonable price, address to Zoobio online store. Here you will find the most popular and demanded products of Frigera. Our support service will help to make a choice and will deliver purchase in a short time.

Frigera is your opportunity to feed the pet according to its natural requirements. To please the pet, order a natural treat right now.

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