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Information about manufacturer - Fortan

The German company Fortan offers food additives and dogs and cats care products since 1948. It was created by Wolfgang Schmidt-Duisberg — the pharmacist and the dog breeder. He decided to devote life to search of the best sources of useful substances for pets. And the company still follows this mission.

Production of Fortan

  • Nutritious additives for dogs and cats. Need for these products is caused by the fact that any of modern forages (dry, wet, BARF) is not capable to satisfy needs of pets completely. Nutritious additives will make an animal diet balanced therefore it will be strong, active and cheerful. Fortan offers medicines with proteins, taurine and other useful substances.
  • Additives for the dogs and cats who eat BARF. Feeding by natural food has a set of advantages, but from it pets cannot receive all necessary vitamins and minerals. By means of nutritional supplements from Fortan you fill gaps in animal food.
  • The additives for dogs and cats supporting musculoskeletal system. The condition of joints exerts huge impact on health of the pets especially who are senior or large. Fortan additives help animals to move easily, so, to enjoy life.
  • Vitamins for dogs and cats. These products influence visiont, bones, intestinal flora etc well .
  • Getting better skin and coat additives for dogs and cats. Problems with skin and coat not only do worse appearance of an animal, but also cause discomfort. For example, your pet can suffer from an itch. Fortan offers products which support functions of skin, well influence pigmentation and are an additional source of nutrients for an organism. Your pet will be healthy and well groomed.
  • Additives for cats and dogs in the period of estrus and pregnancy. These agents allow to avoid many problems by which special vital phases are followed. In particular, products prevent an unpleasant smell during estrus and facilitate childbirth.
  • Additives for the dogs inclined to problems with digestion. Often changes in feeding and other factors provoke failures of a digestive tract. Products of Fortan support functions of a stomach and intestines, and also strengthen immunity.
  • Mineral additives for dogs and cats. This category includes medicines with calcium and magnesium. Calcium strengthens teeth and musculoskeletal system. The requirement for it increases during the periods of growth, breast feeding and ageing. Medicine with magnesium well influences hepatic function and metabolism, helps animals to bear stresses well, including caused by childbirth.
  • Anti-parasite agents. These products protect animals from fleas, ticks etc. You not only will save the pet from discomfort, but also prevent more serious problems as skin parasites are carriers of dangerous diseases.
  • Wet dog food. These products for 100% consist of high-quality meat. In their structure there is no sugar, soy, flavourings and dyes. Such food is ideal even for those animals who suffer from an allergy or food intolerance.
  • Treats for dogs. These delicacies not only are tasty, but also nutritious. Besides, especially for animals with sensitive digestion, gluten-free snacks with only one source of protein are created.
  • Dogs and cats care products. Fortan offers shampoos for care of skin and coat of animals, but at the same time they effectively eliminate pollution. Besides, you can get means for cleaning of ears and teeth.
  • Products for horses. Fortan nutritional supplements are important during recovering from a disease, at problems with hoofs or coat
Advantages of production of Fortan

Having bought nutritional supplements of this company, you will save the pet from problems with health, and yourself — from efforts and stress. Thus, you will be able to concentrate on the pleasant communication with an animal.

Pay attention that many Fortan additives are universal, so they suit both cat, and dog. By one product you can solve problems of both animals. Therefore if there live both cat, and dog in your house, then production of Fortan will save you from need to spend money for the additives necessary for each pet.

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We work for your pet have all the best. Allow us to take care also of your four-footed friends, and the result surely will be pleasant to you.

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