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Information about manufacturer - Donath

German company Donath produces food for wild birds. Since it was founded in 1964, it has been located in Weingarten. The founder is Werner Donath. Company’s products are made of qualitative thoroughly chosen ingredients. They are an excellent supplement to bird natural diet.

Donath Products

  • Donath Premium. These products are of high quality only. The company offers mixtures, fat balls and other treats that will give birds joy and energy.
  • Donath Berny Bird. This category includes inexpensive but qualitative goods. You can offer your birds special prepared sunflower seeds, mixtures of seeds, birdseed wreaths, fat balls including very large ones.
Advantages of Donath Products

The company gets raw materials from the proven suppliers, whom it has been working with for decades. Oats and wheat are bought in the south of Germany. There is no need to transport raw materials for long distances, so transporting costs are not high. Due to this, the final cost of the product becomes lower.

Each ingredient is thoroughly chosen according to the needs of birds. Sunflower seeds are a good source of vitamins. Striped seeds have a thick shell so they are ideal for birds with strong beaks.

The features of black seeds are thin shells and high amount of oil. Donath uses them both.

Hemp seeds contain a large amount of fatty acids. These elements have a positive effect on embryonic development, bone mineralization, and improve the state of skin and paws.

From peanuts, birds get fats and vitamins. This component of Donath products is especially useful for birds during winter months.

Raisins are one of the most favourite treats for birds that eat fruit. Ouzels and starlings like them very much.

Among products of animal-origin used by the company is beef fat. It is a very good source of energy.

Donath products are also rich in minerals. These elements are important for bone and eggshell formation.

Buy Donath Online

In the online-shop Zoobio, you can order treats for wild birds just in a few minutes. We will surprise you with affordable prices, valuable advice of online-consultants, convenient payment and delivery terms.

Donath is your opportunity to support wild birds and have a great pleasure watching them. Order products of this company right now and you’ll make sure that taking care of nature brings a lot of positive emotions.

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