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Royal Canin

Dog food from Royal Canin

Royal Canin dog food is made by the world-known French manufacturer. In the development and production of feeds, the company uses innovative research in the field of biophysics, biochemistry, veterinary medicine and dietetics. Royal Canin head-quarters are located in the south of France. There is also a campus accommodating nearly 180 cats and 160 dogs, which are the main inspiration for the company staff.

Wide range of Royal Canin dog food

  • Breed Health Nutrition. Based on scientific research, Royal Canin specialists arrived at the conclusion that even pets of the same size and age might need different food due to the breed physiological characteristics: coat type, anatomical features and others. Thus, they created a series of feeds made to meet the unique food requirements of certain dog breeds. The line offers feeds for Dachshunds, Dalmatians, French Bulldogs, German Shepherds, Poodles, Pugs, Rottweilers, Beagles, etc. 
  • Lifestyle Health Nutrition. In this line, the following products are made:
    • Urban Life (for puppies, adult and senior pets that live in towns and often visit crowded places)
    • Indoor Life (for the representatives of small breeds that spend most of their time indoors);
    • Sporting Life (for sporting and working dogs of small or large breeds).
  • Size Health Nutrition. These kinds of Royal Canin dog food are formulated considering the animal size.
  • Canine Health Nutrition Wet. Tasty cans for the representatives of small breeds. For example, this line includes feeds for puppies under two months, for growing pets between the age of two and ten months, for adult dogs and senior animals above the age of eight years.
  • Canine Veterinary Care Nutrition. Dry and wet dietary nutrition for pets of different ages including neutered animals.
  • Canine Veterinary Diet. This is a line of special products for dogs with health issues. There are foods for pets suffering from obesity, for dogs with kidney insufficiency, for allergy-prone animals and many others.
Main advantages of Royal Canin dog food
  • Each product from this manufacturer contains over 50 nutrients. Thanks to this, they achieve the best compliance of feed with the requirements of dogs of certain breeds, sizes and ages. 
  • To make ideal kibbles, the manufacturer uses special equipment. In particular, it is used to measure the stiffness of granules.
  • Royal Canin uses the first-rate raw materials only, from the suppliers whose goods comply with the company’s quality standards. Moreover, foods are tested throughout the production process. Ready products are subjected to the quality check as well.
  • How to buy Royal Canin dog food online

    On our website, there is a wide choice of nourishing foods from this manufacturer. All products are categorised: you’ll easily find the product that will ideally suit your pet. It is easy to buy Royal Canin dog food in Zoobio online shop: add the items you like to the basket and enter your contact information. Your request will be processed without any delay and will be immediately sent to you. Become Zoobio customer today and order the best products for your pets without any trouble.

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