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Almo Nature

Dog food in cans from Almo Nature

Almo Nature wet dog food is a delicious food product made from high-quality ingredients. All canned food from this manufacturer is subjected to a number of microbiological, physical and chemical tests in order to perform quality control. Almo Nature doesn’t test their products on laboratory animals. Only those dogs, whose owners expressed their wish to get acquainted with a new product, can take part in tasting the feeds.

Wide range of Almo Nature wet dog food

The company produces several series of wet food for four-legged friends:

  • DailyMenu/BIO. Balanced wet foods for everyday feeding. These products are made from free-range meat as well as from vegetables and grains grown in environmentally friendly conditions without using any chemical fertilisers. This range offers appetising products with different flavours: chicken, veal, mutton and others.
  • Single Protein. These are complete grain-free wet foods with one source of protein of animal origin. This range presents products with pork, veal, duck, chicken and others. These Almo Nature wet dog food range is ideal for diets that exclude certain ingredients and are also appropriate for feeding animals with sensitive digestive system.
  • HFC Classic. All components of wet foods from this range are certified as “human-grade”. In the production of these feeds only high-quality white and red meat, fish, cheese and various vegetables. Products are canned au jus in order to preserve the nutrients and original taste.
Main advantages of Almo Nature wet dog food
  • Food products of this brand are rich in complete proteins, vitamins and microelements. Thanks to this, they have a high nutritional value and are ideal for daily feeding of four-legged friends.
  • Almo Nature dog treats and food do not contain any artificial colourants, flavourings, preservatives and any other chemical additives useless for animals.
  • Thanks to high-quality ingredients, Almo Nature canned food has an excellent flavour and mouth-watering aroma for dogs. These products meet food requirements of the most fastidious animals.
  • Almo Nature wet foods are produced in pouches, Tetra Pak and aluminium containers and cans of different sizes. This is very convenient as, for example, for a small pet with an average appetite you can buy 70 g packs. If you have several dogs, it makes sense to get 800 g cans.
  • How to buy Almo Nature wet dog food online

    In Zoobio, there are nutritious wet food products with different flavours. Thanks to the convenient catalogue structure, you’ll quickly find the items that will suit your pet. In particular, in our online shop, you can buy Almo Nature wet dog food just in a couple of clicks. We’ll process your request very fast and without any delays dispatch your purchase. Being a Zoobio customer, you won’t waste a minute. Place your order on our website right now.

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