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Information about manufacturer - Dennerle

In 1966, a German aquarist Ludwig Dennerle opened up a shop selling aquarium plants. This is how one of the largest companies in the sphere of aquarium husbandry started. Ludwig Dennerle carefully studied the natural life environment of aquarium plants, performed all possible experiments, in order to get new knowledge travelled around Africa, Asia and America.

Today Dennerle is a European leader in the sphere of growing and adapting aquarium plants. It also produces everything necessary for creating in aquarium the conditions that will be as close as possible to natural ones. This is the company, which has become a founder of nano aquarium husbandry.

Dennerle Products

  • Fertilizers. These products are as important for aquarium plants as food for fish.
  • Aquarium CO2 equipment. Ir allows to create a healthy environment for plants that will be close to the natural one.
  • Soil and nutritious substrates. You can purchase safe and esthetical gravel; soil fertilizers that provide plants with all necessary elements; bacteria that will create an optimal live environment.
  • Bottom heating systems. This category includes equipment producing soft warmth, due to which water circulates slowly in the bottom soil. Meanwhile, comfort conditions are created for microorganisms living in order to provide plants with nutritional elements.
  • Lightning for aquariums. Goods from this category allow you to create in the tank the conditions that will be as close as possible to natural ones. Moreover, good lightning will make it possible for you to see what is going on in your underwater world.
  • Water conditioning and purification treatments. Dennerle offers treatments maintaining optimal water conditions.
  • Reverse osmosis systems. These devices remove hardness salts, nitrates, phosphates, heavy metals, pesticides and other things that can do harm to aquarium plants.
  • Filtering materials. This category includes fillers for pre- and main filtration as well as for aimed elimination of particular harmful elements, phosphates or nitrates, for instance.
  • Tools. The company offers thermometers, siphons, hand nets, algae clip feeders and other products that will make taking care of the aquarium easier and more convenient for you.
  • Nano-aquariums and accessories for them. These tiny aquariums look fantastic although occupy very little space.
Advantages of Dennerle Products

The company has its own research unit. It helps to combine many years' experience with innovation scientific research results. Collaborating closely with microbiologists, botanists and chemists, Dennerle creates products that have positive effect on all biological processes in aquarium. Company’s specialists constantly analyse the market, so its products are always customer-orientated.

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If you are interested in innovation aquarium treatments and equipment at affordable price, just visit Zoobio. In our shop, you can buy Dennerle products fast and inexpensively. Placing an order is easy: choose the necessary item, add it into the cart and fill in a simple form. We’ll deliver your purchase in a short time. If you want to find out some details about Dennerle products, feel free to ask our online-consultant about it.

Creating a magnificent underwater world and taking care of it can be not difficult at all. In order to make sure of it, give your preference to Dennerle products and order them right now.

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