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Royal Canin
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Royal Canin

Cat food from Royal Canin

Royal Canin cat food is high-quality nutrition for pets. This brand was created in France in 1967 and since 2002 it has belonged to the Mars corporation. Royal Canin brand occupies one of the leading positions on the European market for pet supplies. The brand is famous for the variety of its products made considering different features of animals.

Wide range of Royal Canin cat food

  • Feline Breed Nutrition. These are special food products for cats of certain breeds. There are products for Sphynx, Maine Coon, Siamese and Persian cats and others presented in this line.
  • Feline Health Nutrition. This is a line of foods made taking into account the age, lifestyle and other peculiarities of animals. There are  the following products presented:
    • for kittens;
    • for senior pets;
    • for cats fastidious about food;
    • for active pets;
    • for neutered animals;
    • for cats living indoors only;
    • for the animals that spend a lot of time outdoors;
    • for cats with sensitive digestive organs.
  • Feline Health Nutrition Wet. The line of wet food in pouches and cans. The products are characterised by an optimal balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates and serve as an excellent supplement to dry foods of the brand.
  • Feline Care Nutrition. A series of dry foods for pets with special food requirements. These kinds of Royal Canin cat food help to solve certain health problems (overweight, dull hair, GI diseases, etc.).
  • Feline Care Nutrition Wet. Products from this line are meat pieces in jelly or broth. They are sold in convenient pouches. Among the products from this series, you can choose, for example, food for a pet with sensitive digestion or for an animal prone to obesity.
  • Pure Feline. Includes three products for cats above the age of one year.
    • Beauty – with a complex of biotin and omega-6 fatty acids for beautiful and healthy coat;
    • Slimness – with fleawort seeds that suppress appetite, thus, encouraging keeping normal weight;
    • Lively – with a complex of antioxidants (Marigold, green tea and ginseng extracts) to protect body cells from premature ageing.
  • Feline Veterinary Care Nutrition. This is a line of dietary foods which presents products for kittens, for adult species, for senior pets, for neutered animals as well as a product that improves the state of skin and coat. You can choose dry or wet food for your cat.
  • Feline Veterinary Diet. This is a series of foods for animals with different illnesses: kidney, urinary system, liver, stomach diseases and so on. Prior to giving these products to your pet, it is necessary to consult a vet.
  • While formulating foods, Royal Canin specialists rely on the results of scientific research.
  • Before getting on sale, Royal Canin cat food undergoes a number of additional quality checks.
  • How to buy Royal Canin cat food online

    In Zoobio, a pleasant shopping without any trouble is waiting for you. Here you can buy Royal Canin cat food and be sure of your purchase. If you have any difficulties making a choice, feel free to contact customer support specialists of our online shop. Qualified consultants will eagerly help you to choose the food that will suit your pet ideally. Buying from us is convenient – place an order and appreciate all the advantages of Zoobio.

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