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To make you and your cats wishes come true we offer you and your pussy cat only high quality cat food and cat accessories. Our assortment covers anything from little cat snacks, cat toys like a scratch tree to hygienic products like high quality cat litter. You can trust us and our selected manufacturers with all your cat food needs. For every cat, no matter if it's long haired with health problems or after neutering. Discover our diverse cat food and accessories assortment.

Your benifits in Zoobio Cat supplies
  • Large variety of brands We have about 6995 products for your Cat in Zoobio Shop
  • Low prices Cat supplies with Zoobio you make cheaper purchases than in retail.

TOP-Brands for Cat supplies

Cat shop for Cat supplies and accessories

Cats are quite wilful pets which adore comfort. Creating optimal living conditions for such animals is interesting and pleasant.

High-quality cat supplies and accessories will help you to make your pet happy. And it will reward you with satisfied purring.

Cat accessories: types and characteristics

Your pet’s health largely depends on a well balanced nutrition. High-quality feeds help to prevent certain diseases and some may facilitate treatment if your pet has a health issue.

There are lots of brands under which various products for cat nutrition are produced. For example, Applaws produces a line of wet feeds with broth, Cat Layers product line with jelly, food and treats for kittens.

However, a cat needs more than high-quality nutrition. The following products are also very popular:

  • Toys. They give animals positive emotions and help to satisfy natural instincts. Products by Trixie, 4Cats, Europet-Bernina are some examples.
  • Containers for food and water. They’re necessary for the cat to eat and drink with comfort and pleasure. These products are produced, in particular, under the brand Ferplast.
  • Trays and litter. They’re necessary for your pets to relieve themselves in a designated place. For example, there are litter trays under the trademark Savic (in particular Iriz and Nestor lines), and litters under the brand Biokat's.
  • Products for cat care. The category is represented by antiparasitic treatments, shampoos and etc. Thanks to such products your pet will feel well and look perfect. Some examples are products by Bogar (the Bogacare line), Beaphar.
  • Scratchers. They’re necessary for the cat to remove dead outer layer of claws, as it’s a physical need of these animals. With such specialized products the pet won’t scratch furniture. For example, you can buy cat scratchers by Trixie, Europet-Bernina.
  • Carriers, harnesses, collars. Such products are necessary during trips and walks. These products are represented under Marchioro, Trixie, Europet-Bernina trademarks.

What should you consider when choosing products for cats?

It’s important to remember that every animal is individual. That’s why before choosing cat products you need to take into consideration lots of factors: the pet’s age, breed, health condition and even temper. You should be especially careful when buying goods for animals prone to allergies. Many manufacturers offer specialised products for these sensitive cats.

Zoobio: Best place to buy cat supplies

Would you like to purchase the necessary products for your pet without excess spendings? You can buy cat products in the online pet store Zoobio at a bargain. We offer affordable prices, deals and discount coupon codes. Having ordered everything that your cat needs from us, you’ll save on shipping expenses, as you won’t have to pay for the delivery in other shops. Place an order for high-quality cat products at Zoobio!

Top seller and special offers

  • Emotion Line Leger - Adult Light 2 kg
    Art.-Nr.: 11492
    10 kg 2 kg 400 g
    11,14 £*
    UVP 11,26 £*
    5.57 £* / Kg
  • Grain Free Single Protein Chicken 400 g
    Art.-Nr.: 62444
    10 kg 2 kg 400 g
    3,72 £*
    UVP 4,22 £*
    9.3 £* / Kg
  • Adult – Chicken with Extra Salmon 7.5 kg
    Art.-Nr.: 5608
    7.5 kg 400 g 2 kg
    40,49 £*
    46,54 £*
    5.4 £* / Kg
  • Adult – Chicken with Extra Duck 2 kg
    Art.-Nr.: 7288
    2 kg 400 g 7.5 kg
    19,93 £*
    22,91 £*
    9.97 £* / Kg
  • Adult – Chicken 400 g
    Art.-Nr.: 10705
    400 g 2 kg 7.5 kg
    4,07 £*
    4,68 £*
    10.18 £* / Kg
  • Chicken with Extra Lamb 2 kg
    Art.-Nr.: 23164
    2 kg 400 g 7.5 kg
    13,84 £*
    15,90 £*
    6.92 £* / Kg
  • Adult Ocean Fish with Salmon 1.8 kg
    Art.-Nr.: 33353
    1.8 kg 350 g 6 kg
    19,16 £*
    22,03 £*
    10.64 £* / Kg
  • Symphonie Nr. 4 Salmon & Turkey 200 g
    Art.-Nr.: 1040
    200 g
    2,20 £*
    2,52 £*
    11 £* / Kg

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