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Information about manufacturer - Catsan

Catsan is one of the brands belonging to the worldwide famous company Mars Inc. It was created at the beginning of the XX century. Today its Headquarters are in McLean, Virginia. The company produces a large variety of products for people and animals. Catsan is a unique line of hygiene litter for cat trays. The brand has been existing for more than 25 years.

Catsan Products

  • CATSAN Hygiene Litter. This litter is white granules consist of natural quartz sand and chalk. It prevents bacteria growth and fights bad smells 3 times more effective than usual litters. Thousands microscopic pores on the surface of granules absorb and safely hold moisture inside. Due to this tray remains clean, so you won’t have to wash it.
  • CATSAN Smart Pack. Plug-in blocks made of two layers refer to this category. Absorbing insert made of microfleece is put on the bottom of the tray and above it, litter is placed. Microfleece absorbs and holds inside moisture well. The bottom of the tray remains dry so you won’t have to clean it for a long time replacing the litter. Two blocks produce the same effect as 30 litres of usual non-clumping litter.
  • CATSAN Clumping Litter. This litter consists of tiny clay granules. Contacting with moisture it transforms into small hard clumps. They can be easily removed, so that only clean and dry litter remains in the tray. You won’t have to change the content of the tray fully and this saves money and time.
Advantages of Catsan Products

This litter is completely safe for your pet as it does not contain any asbestos, bleach or any other harmful agents. Granules do not make animal’s hair dirty, do not stick to its paws and do not irritate sensitive skin. Choosing litter by this brand you will give your cat tidiness and comfort that will make it happy.

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