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Bunny Nature

Information about manufacturer - Bunny Nature

Company Bunny Tierernährung GmbH creates various goods for small pets. Its main aim is to produce healthy food that meets animals’ natural needs.

Bunny Products

The company manufactures products for rabbits, guinea pigs, degus, chinchillas, hamsters, rats and gerbils. Bunny’s product range can be divided into several categories:

  • basic feed;
  • treats;
  • hay;
  • food supplements and medicines;
  • accessories;
  • beddings.

You can choose a basic feed for animals with different needs, for example, for young animals or elderly ones, animals suffering from teeth problems and those that live outdoors in winter and so on.

Bunny’s hay will make your pet’s diet more natural and diverse. You can buy for your pet a product with tasty and useful additives, for example, with flowers, apples, and rose hips.

Bunny treats is your opportunity to indulge your pet. They will be not only pleasant for it but also do it a lot of good. You can also offer to your pet mixtures of leaves, flowers and vegetables. Such treats look like those it would get itself if it lived in the wild. Moreover, you can bring it joy with tasty cookies. This treat is convenient to give to your pet right from your hands. This will bring joy and pleasure both to you and your pet.

Bunny make food supplements with most various features. For example, you can choose additional feed that is useful for immunity, digestion and coat and controls sugar level in blood as well. If your pet has a diarrhoea, then the product, which regulates digestive system functioning and makes nutrient uptake easier, will be useful for it. You can also buy an additive that will make usual water more attractive for the animal that drinks very little.

Accessories by Bunny will make the cage cosier.

Ceramic bowls from this company look very good, besides, they are suitable for dishwasher. Bunny offers soft warm tunnels as well. In such a shelter, an animal will be able to keep its treasures as well as sleep and hide.

With the help of Bunny beddings, you’ll create a wonderful playground for your pet. Your pet will dig, make tunnels and so on. These activities correspond to its natural instincts.

Advantages of Bunny Products

Bunny hay is dried very carefully. It doesn’t fill the air with dust, it is crunchy and contains a lot of fibre that has positive effect on digestion. In company’s product range, there is even hay brought from wildlife sanctuary fields. Bunny picks up the best parts of herbs and flowers for these products.

Bunny treats are natural and it means they are very useful. Using them, you’ll get your pet rid of such problems as sudden blood sugar spikes and excessive fat depositing.

Beddings from this company absorb moisture very well, neutralize odours and don’t fill the air with dust. They are very soft and that is very pleasant for your pet’s paws.

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In the shop Zoobio, you’ll be able to buy products of this brand without leaving your house. In order to do so, you’ll have to make some simple steps: choose a Bunny product, add it into the cart and insert the information that is necessary for your purchase delivery. If you have any questions, our online-consultants will be glad to answer them. Your purchase will be delivered in a short time.

We want our customers come back to us again and again, so we help them to save their money. You can purchase Bunny products at a very favourable price. Place your order and make sure, that buying from us is convenient and cost-effective.

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