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Is your pet an adult dog with the normal level of activity? Are you looking for qualitative everyday food? My friend Bosch will become the ideal decision. It is a complete dry food which suits dogs of all breeds.


My friеnd Bosch advantages


Due to special technology of drying, croquette have excellent taste and aroma. Dogs eat such food with great pleasure.


The food contains vitamin E and selenium which are natural antioxidants. These substances protect cells from harmful products of metabolism, slow down aging process.


Omega-3-and Omega-6 unsaturated fatty acids and zinc are parts of this food. These substances support health of a skin, make hair shiny.


My friend Bosch contains yeast which nourishes intestinal epithelium and stabilize intestinal microflora. Food fiber promotes intestine retraction in the course of digestion. Also it gives to an animal sense of fullness.


My friend Bosch has beneficial influence on an organism: strengthens skeleton, cares for heart and blood vessels, supports water-salt balance, improves condition of immune system, eliminates concern and irritability.


The food is on sale in 20 kg packs. It is an excellent choice for those who can't spend time for frequent purchasings. Larger packing is especially convenient if there live several dogs in the house.


My friend Bosch foods are excellent sources of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals necessary for healthy life. Products don't contain artificial additives.


The Bosch company uses natural, environmentally friendly raw materials and carefully controls their quality. Ingredients for foods are bought from the well-known suppliers. All raw materials are suitable in human nutrition. Bosch foods help animals to remain healthy for a long time.


Feeding guide


If you feed your dog with My friend Bosch food for the first time, enter it into a ration gradually within 3–5 days. It is desirable to divide standard daily food norm into 2 meals. The food can be dry or soaked. Don't forget that the pet has to have fresh, clear water. It helps to prevent urolithiasis.


Dry dog food Bosch My friend packaging sizes
  • My friend 20 kg
Cereals, meat and animal derivatives, derivatives of vegetable origin, oils and fats, minerals. 
Analytical Constituents
Crude fat 7%
Calcium 1.2%
Crude protein 20%
Crude ash 7%
Feeding recommendations

Dog Weight

Daily requirements

3–5 kg

 65–95 g

5–10 kg

 95–165 g

10–15 kg

 165–220 g

15–20 kg

 220–275 g

20–25 kg

 275–325 g

25–30 kg

 325–375 g

30–40 kg

 375–465 g

40–50 kg

 465–550 g

50–60 kg

 550–630 g

60–80 kg

 630–780 g

Nutrition advice


My friend is Every dog age Dry dog food for every age. Dry dog food is recommended for all breeds.


Please pay attention to your dog's daily ration of the recommended food to get the ideal weight gain of your dog and prevent overweight. Your dog should always have an access to fresh water.

The balanced dog food has to contain all nutritious elements necessary for healthy development of pets.
Organic substances — fats, proteins and carbohydrates — are necessary for energy development.
In addition, they participate in the hemopoietic processes, and also regulate work of some organs.

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