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Information about manufacturer - Bay-o-Pet

The brand Bay-o-Pet was founded by the German company Bayer. For more than 150 years it has been producing various goods including pet products. Products by Bayer help pets to be healthy and happy.

Bay-o-Pet products

  • Products for pet ear care. The company has developed an easy-to-use remedy which can quickly, carefully and effectively get rid of earwax and dirt as well as of unpleasant odour.
  • Products for pet dental care. Bay-o-Pet offers chewing sticks which mechanically clean your pet’s teeth. It removes dental plaque and prevents such problems as dental plaque formation and alveolar pyorrhoea. Moreover, sticks have a wonderful taste and are easily digestible. They will serve for your pet as an additional source of such useful substances as high quality proteins.
  • Nutritional supplements for healthy cartilages and joints. They maintain the health of the musculoskeletal system.
  • Sprays for skin care. This product will be very helpful if the dog or cat suffer from skin dryness, itching and peeling. It will care about your pet’s skin, make its hair shine and beautiful.
  • Pills for healthy pet skin and hair. The product has high quality protein with irreplaceable fatty acids. One of them is methionine. The substance helps to form so necessary for the cat’s body taurine which maintains retinal health, contributes to hemopexin and fat digestion in the small intestine. In the dog’s body methionine controls nitrogen balance, prevents fat storage on the vessels walls, neutralizes toxic substances and so on.
Advantages of Bay-o-Pet products

To be healthy your pet should get only high quality remedies by famous manufacturers. During the production of pet products the company Bayer used only the results of the latest scientific researches. That’s why the products of this brand really help pets to feel well. Note that many products of Bay-o-Pet are suitable both for cats and dogs. These universal remedies help to save your money and time.

Buy Bay-o-Pet products online

If you really care about your pet’s health and try to buy the most qualitative remedies, you’ll judge the online store Zoobio on its merits. It’s important for us to let only the best products of the well-known brands get into the catalogue. All the products of Bay-o-Pet which can be found in our website improve animals’ life, make them healthier and, as the result, more active, energetic and happier. And your pet’s wellbeing is your happiness and pride.

Of course, your pet needs not only care products, but many other things such as qualitative pet food and toys. To let you buy all the necessary for your pet, denying nothing, we fix very reasonable price on all the products by Bay-o-Pet and other companies. We regularly make our customers happy with our deals and discounts.

You can make your purchase right now: choose the necessary remedy by Bay-o-Pet, put it into the cart and fill in the application form. If you have any questions or difficulties at any stage of order formation, our online consultant will always help you. We’ll make the delivery in the shortest time and that's why you’ll get all the necessary things for your pet’s care very soon.

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