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Information about manufacturer - Applaws

Applaws is a British company which was established in 2006. Since 2014 it has been owned by MPM PRODUCTS LIMITED.

Applaws produces super premium foods. It uses only natural raw materials including first choice meat and fish.

Applaws products

Applaws specializes in the production of goods for both cats and dogs. In the product range there are dry foods for animals of any age.

Applaws also makes wet foods: paste, pieces of fresh meat or fish in jelly or broth. Among a wide choice of such goods you’ll definitely find the very product which will suit your pet’s taste.

The company produces natural treats too. They can be used to reward your pet, distract its attention or just indulge it. They lift the animal’s spirits and serve as an additional source of important nutrients.

Advantages of Applaws products
  • Applaws cat foods are enriched with taurine and arginine. These substances are important for the cat’s health. Taurine is necessary for bile secretion, cardiac muscle performance and eye health. The lack of arginine causes loss of appetite, weight reduction and metabolic disorders. Due to the high level of ammonia in blood plasma the animal suffers from toxicosis.
  • Dry foods for dogs don’t have grains and contain 75% of chicken meat. Such food is much closer to the natural diet of predators.
  • Wet foods for dogs are made of chicken breast, tuna, salmon and mackerel which are an excellent source of wholesome fatty acids. These substances make the animal’s skin healthy and hair shiny. When the dog doesn’t get enough of fatty acids, it will have problems with eyesight, muscle weakness, growth retardation and immune dysfunction.
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In the Zoobio website you’ll find the most popular and actual product of the Applaws company. Such wholesome food will make your pets healthy, active and cheerful. You can place an order just in a few minutes. If you have any questions, our qualified customer support service will gladly answer them.

Applaws products are irreproachable British quality. Place an order right now! Give your pet a wonderful treat!

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