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Information about manufacturer - ALLCO

The company ALLCO was founded by Claus Lefers in 1973. At that time there were only three workers. Nowadays the ALLCO team has dozens times more workers than before. The company produces high quality pet food and treats. Leading specialists take part in the production process. The company cares that your pets will be healthy and full of energy.

ALLCO products

  • AL-KO-TE. Products for kois and other pond fish are produced under this name. You can choose food taking into account the age and size of your pets as well as time of the year.
  • Christopherus for dogs. ALLCO offers a great choice of dry and wet foods. You can choose a suitable product even for an animal with food intolerance. In the product range there are wet foods made of 100% meat. Moreover, ALLCO also has a line of foods produced especially for small dog breeds.
  • Christopherus for cats. You can give your four legged friend products of super premium class made of fresh meat and fish. Products have taurine which maintains the cat’s sharpness of sight, strengthens vessel walls, helps to digest fats in the small bowel and etc.
  • Hundekuchen. In this category there are treats which you can encourage and indulge your dog. In the product range you’ll find goods which can make even the most fastidious pet happy. There are even hypoallergenic and vegetarian treats.
  • Monties. Under this brand various treats for horses are produced. Using these treats you can get better results teaching and training your pet or just become closer with each other.
Advantages of ALLCO products

During the production process only the results of the latest research are taken into account. The company carefully works at the composition of foods and treats.

For example, fatty acids in the composition of Christopherus products have a positive effect at cholesterol level, decrease the risk of getting arthritis, make pet hair beautiful and shiny. Moreover, with such nourishment animals will get calcium in the necessary amount for healthy skeleton formation at youngsters and its strengthening at grown-up animals.

In the AL-KO-TE product range you can choose food which can satisfy all the pond fish needs including kois and be suitable for any season. If you don’t want to buy products separately for winter, summer and offseason, you can take universal food which will be suitable for feeding all year round.

ALLCO choose the best raw materials and also use the most advanced manufacturing technologies. The constant quality control is a guarantee that the company products do your pets only good.

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