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Information about manufacturer - Wolfsblut

Wolfsblut is a part of a large British corporation “HEALTHFOOD24 Ltd”. Wolfsblut food belongs to the super premium class. It is ecological and natural products for dogs.

Makers of the dry food line "Wolfsblut" think that every dog stays a wolf deep in its heart. Both these animals have much in common, especially their physiology. Wolfsblut food has all the ingredients which the ordinary wolf’s diet includes. That’s why the main component of the products by the brand is meat.

Wolfsblut products

The line of Wolfsblut products can be divided into three groups:

  1. For allergy-prone dogs. There are such feeds as “Wide Plain”, “Range Lamb”, “Alaska Salmon”, “Wild Pacific”.
  2. For overweight dogs and animals with a sedentary lifestyle. It’s a low-caloric product line which includes “Wild Duck”, “Cold River”, “Dark Forest”. These feeds are notable for low amount of protein and fats.
  3. For active and young dogs. There are “Green Valley” and “Blue Mountain” feeds.
Advantages of Wolfsblut products

The differential peculiarity of Wolfsblut food is the fact that they don’t have grain crops. At the same time the amount of meat can’t be less than 55% from the total product weight. The food composition also contains such herbs as ginseng, nettle and etc.

As the result of various researches, Wolfsblut company makers have managed to create a unique dry food for dogs which sets up new standards for pet nutrition.

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In the online store “Zoobio” you can buy unique products of the trade mark “Wolfsblut”. It’s useful food for your dog which helps it to be healthy till the decline of life. If you want to buy for your dog new generation Wolfsblut feeds, place an order in Zoobio right now!

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