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Versele Laga Country's Best Farm 2 Mash 20 kg

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Country's Best Farm 2 Mash 20 kg

Growth mash for white-fleshed chicks from 11 days

  • FARM 2 mash is a complete growth feed for white-fleshed broilers from 11 days until 5 days prior to slaughter.
  • This perfectly balanced mash guarantees a rapid and balanced growth and weight gain. This feed contains only white wheat and other white cereals, so the meat would have a light colour.
  • The mash form promotes a gradual intake of the feed, an improved digestion thus better manure consistency. The coccidiostat protects the animals against coccidiosis.

Opti Growth
A balanced feed with all essential nutrients for a quick and balanced growth.

Products enriched with a coccidiostat, this reduces the risk of a coccidiosis outbreak. Young animals are more sensitive to this intestinal parasite because their natural resistance is still developing.

Chickens Versele Laga Country's Best Farm 2 Mash packaging sizes
  • Country's Best Farm 2 Mash 20 kg
  • Composition
Vitamin E  (80 mg) Manganese
Manganese is an important trace substance that contains in all tissues and organs.Manganese: Learn more
 (75 mg)
Zinc is an important mineral which is a part of qualitative vitamin supplements and drugs.Zinc: Learn more
 (70 mg)
Iron is necessary for pets for prophylaxis of anemia, rising of resilience of an organism to illnesses, appetite improvements.Ferrous: Learn more
 (51 mg)
Vitamin A  (12.500 IE) Copper
Copper is an important trace substance, its lack can harmfully affect a condition of an organism of the pet and cause the following:

- anemias;

- defects of bones and their slowed-down growth;

- heart failure;

- depression of reproductive potential.Copper: Learn more

 (10 mg)
Vitamin D3  (2.500 IE) Iodine
Iiodine compounds are formed and collect in a thyroid gland.Iodine: Learn more
 (2.11 mg)
Therapeutic properties of selenium were discovered not so long ago.Selenium: Learn more
 (0.3 mg)
Corn Corn gluten feed Cacium carbonat Soybean meal Wheat Soybean oil Palm oil Monocalcium phosphate Corn bran Sodium bicarbonate
Analytical Constituents
Crude protein 18%
Crude ash 5.5%
Crude fat 4.8%
Crude fiber 3.2%
Lysine 0.97%
Calcium 0.85%
Phosphorus 0.53%
Methionine 0.45%
Sodium 0.15%
Feeding recommendations

Period: From 11 days until 5 days prior to slaughter. Feeds can be freely administered: depending on the age and the breed, from 50 to 150 g/day.


  • Always provide Grit for an easy digestion. Grit also has a positive effect on the skeleton.
  • Always make sure there is plenty of clean drinking water.
  • For an optimal development and health, take the life phases and periods into account.
  • For yellow-fleshed maize-fed chickens, there is a choice between FARM 2 YELLOW mash or FARM 2 YELLOW crumble.
  • FARM 2 mash should not be given during the last five days before slaughter due to the presence of a coccidiostat. Switch the last 5 days to FARM 2 PURE pellet or FARM 2 PURE mix.


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