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  • Dog Food Turkey 600 g
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    Tundra Dog Food Turkey 600 g
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  • Dog Food Lamb 6x600 g
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    Tundra Dog Food Lamb 6x600 g
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  • Dog Food Game Art.-Nr.: 5892
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  • Dog Food Salmon and Chicken - EAN: 4027245006006
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    Tundra Dog Food Salmon and Chicken 6x600 g
    Salmon & Chicken
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  • Dog Food Horse 6x600 g
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    Horse meat
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Information about manufacturer - Tundra

The trade mark “Tundra” is a part of Elmira Pet Products Ltd. It’s an independent Canadian company with 25 year experience in the pet food production. Tundra foods belong to the super premium class. It means that grain crops are excluded from its composition and it has no less than 80% of meat (the rest of it includes vegetable ingredients - vegetables, fruit, berries, grass). The food manufacturer “Tundra” thinks that every dog always stays a wolf inwardly. That’s why the food composition is as close as possible to the diet of these noble animals.

Tundra products

Tundra goods are represented by three product lines:

Dry foods for dogs:

  • with lamb;
  • with turkey;
  • with wild salmon.

The company also offers dry foods age-appropriate for dogs

  • NEU PUPPY - BLUE MOUNTAIN (for puppies);
  • NEU TUNDRA SENIOR (for old animals).

Wet foods for dogs:

  • with salmon and chicken;
  • with lamb;
  • with horsemeat;
  • with turkey;
  • with game (elk, wild boar).

Canned wet foods for cats:

  • with duck, turkey and pheasant;
  • with chicken;
  • with venison and mutton;
  • with salmon and duck;
  • with turkey;
  • with rabbit and chicken.

The food composition also has northern berries (cowberry, blueberry, cloudberry) and herbs (elder, juniper, rosemary and so on).

Advantages of Tundra products

High quality.

  • Any colouring and preservative agents are excluded from the composition.
  • The foods don’t include grains, soy, potato and other useless ingredients.
  • All the products are made according to the high international standards.

Special production technology.

  • Herbs and berries are dried out in a certain way.
  • Vegetables and fruit are steamed in own juice without water and as the result, they keep all the nutrients and useful substances.

Well-balanced composition.

  • Vegetables, fruit, berries and herbs are a source of natural fibre which normalizes digestive system functions in animals.
  • Tundra foods are notable for the low amount of carbohydrates and that's why your pet won’t fall ill with diabetes or obesity.


  • All the foods correspond to cat and dog biological features.
  • Products of the trade mark “Tundra” are suitable for pets of any ages.
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