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Information about manufacturer - TetraMin

Tetramin is the main series of foods from German company Tetra, which history dates back more than sixty years. The word “Tetra” in the name of the series from Greek means “four” (that was the number of cereals types when the brand was created), and “min” points at vitamins contained in products. This is the first ready-made food in the form of flakes for decorative fish. During many years, this product has been constantly improved, but one its feature – excellent quality – remained untouched.

Tetramin Products

The product range of this brand includes 9 items:

  • TetraMin — basic universal product;
  • Baby – food for baby fishes up to 1 cm;
  • Junior – food for small tropical fish with the length of above 1 cm;
  • XL Flakes – flakes for fish that eat in the upper water layers;
  • Granules – granules for all kinds of fish;
  • MiniGranules – granules for small fish;
  • XL Granules – granules for big fish that eat in the middle water layers of aquarium;
  • Pro Crisps – crisps for tropical fish;
  • Pro XL Crisps – crisps for large species of decorative fish.
Advantages of Tetramin Products

Foods from Tetramin series are suitable for daily feeding of underwater inhabitants. These products have a range of advantages:

  1. Using “pure water” formula. Food ingredients are thoroughly balanced, therefore fish digest it easily and the water doesn’t get contaminated with waste products. Thus, the level of phosphates and nitrates lowers in water and algae grows less active.
  2. The patented formula BioActive is a combination of nutrients (vitamins, fatty acids, yeast, etc.) that helps aquarium inhabitants live a healthy and long life and strengthens their immunity.
  3. Special foods for different kinds of decorative fish. Brand product range includes products for tropical kinds of fish, golden fish and many others.
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In the online-shop Zoobio, you’ll find a wide product range from the legendary German brand. Here you can buy qualitative foods at the most favourable prices. Order Tetramin products right now in order to offer your pets really healthy food!

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