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Information about manufacturer - Tetra

Tetra is a German manufacturer of products for aquarium husbandry. This brand is a part of Spectrum Brands corporate group. The Tetra company was the first to start producing specialised foods for aquarium fish and its products has been leaders for more than sixty years in this segment. Large variety of goods from Tetra includes all the necessary accessories for taking care of aquarium. The company has its own development department, where new products are being created all the time.

Tetra Products

  • Foods. The company produces main, supplement and specialised nutrition for freshwater and sea fish as well as for reptiles and crustaceans.
  • Medications. They fight different diseases in fish and have an excellent preventive action.
  • Treatments for taking care of aquarium plants. Tetra produces different fertilizers in liquid form or in the form of tablets that encourage healthy growth of aquarium flora.
  • Treatments for taking care of aquarium water. To this category belong treatments for algae control, water conditioners, pH control agents, nitrate treatments.
  • Aquarium equipment. In the product range of this trademark you can find everything necessary for aquarium: filters, lamps, compressors, heaters, accessories and other.

The company also produces three series of aquariums: Classic, Nano and AquaArt. Tetra specialists took care of the decorations as well. The product line DecoArt has various plants and stones that will make your aquarium look attractive.

Apart from aquarium products the company also offers various products for ponds: fish food, water treatments, plant fertilizers and algae treatments.

Advantages of Tetra Products

Tetra has a large research unit of its own, where highly-qualified biologists, vets and chemists work. The development department is closely connected to global marketing department. This department analyse world market of aquarium goods and also studies customers’ preferences. Therefore Tetra products meet not only pets’ needs but also needs of their owners.

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On the website Zoobio, we offer your Tetra goods at the most affordable prices. Products of this brand include all the necessary things for taking care of an aquarium, terrarium or pond: from fish food to accessories and decorations. Our online-consultants are always glad to help you choosing suitable products among such great variety of goods, so feel free to contact them for advice. Order Tetra products and enjoy the beauty of the underwater life!

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