Foggers and humidifiers for reptiles (25 products)

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Foggers and humidifiers for reptiles

Foggers & Humidifiers - Top quality products

Terrarium humidifier and irrigation

Many animals which are kept inside a terrarium come from climate zones where they are used to more rain or a high humidity. This is true, for example, for a rain forest terrarium. Most products in our Zoobio online shop allows to adjust all of terraium inhabitants demands, as also take care of them as it in the nature is. You will find different humidifiers as well as several irrigation units for terrariums of different sizes und for the numerous needs of the animals.

Order terrarium humidifier and irrigation units at Zoobio
No reptile owner should forgo installing a humidifier in their terrarium if they want to achieve ideal humidity levels in it.

This is especially true if you have a rainforest animal accustomed to warm showers and requiring special irrigation on a permanent basis. Some animals, such as chameleons, for example, require 100% humidity, which cannot be recreated without special equipment. In our shop you can find different fog generators as well as spray bottles, ideal to keep in small terrariums, e.g. for spiders. You'll also find entire automated irrigation systems, complete with a remote control, in different designs but always at a great price.

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