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  • Fruit Snack - Coconut 100 g
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  • Vegetable Snack - Sweet potato 100 g
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    Soopapets Vegetable Snack - Sweet potato 100 g
    Sweet potato
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    Soopapets Fruit Snack - Papaya 100 g
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Information about manufacturer - Soopapets

The brand Soopapets appeared in Ireland in 2010. The company produces vegetarian chew treats for dogs. The founder of the brand – a professional dog groomer – noticed that more and more dogs suffer from different diseases connected with unbalanced diet: diabetes, allergy, obesity, etc. That is why she made up her mind to create new chew treats – hypoallergenic, low calorie and very tasty. Soopa products are made of natural fruit and vegetables, so they are a good source of vitamins and nutrients.

Soopapets Products

Soopa series is represented by three products:

  • With papaya – juicy and nutritious treat with tropical taste that any dog will like. This treat contains papain that improves digestion. Besides, papaya has excellent anti-parasitic features.
  • With coconut – an excellent source of amino acids and fibre. Coconut is famous for its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic features. It also has a positive effect on calcium and magnesium digestion that are necessary for strong teeth and bones.
  • With sweet potatoes – the most nutritious treat from Soopa series. Sweet potatoes contain useful bacteria that help to regulate digestive system. This treat will perfectly suit dogs with sensitive stomach. Hard and rough texture of snacks helps to clean teeth more effectively.
Advantages of Soopapets Products

Soopapets chew treats are organic products that do not contain any preservatives or chemical additives. There are no grains or additional fats in them as well. Therefore, snacks from this brand will suit pets with tendency to allergy, stomach and kidney diseases. You can also give Soopapets products to dogs with diabetes.

Soopa snacks are handmade from fresh vegetables and fruit, which have special ferments – enzymes – that boost metabolism. In usual meat diets, they appear in very small amounts. Vegetarian treats Soopapets will become an excellent source of these important elements.

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In the online-shop Zoobio, you can purchase Soopapets snacks at the most beneficial prices. Order Soopa treats right now – don’t miss your chance to indulge your pet with appetizing and delicious treat!

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