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Information about manufacturer - Söll

Company Söll was founded in Bavarian town Hof in 1994 by a chemist Thomas Willuweit. Its main activity is development and production of eco-friendly goods for ponds, aquariums, fountains and pools. Söll manufactures products for water treatments as well as devices for testing and purifying it. Under the brand name Organix the company produces its own fish food. Since 2012 Söll became a partner of German WWF representative and takes an active part in environment protection campaigns and protecting oceans from pollution.

Söll Products

Söll product range includes goods for:

  • maintaining ponds (water treatments, equipment, fish food);
  • aquarium husbandry (water purifying devices, conditioners, microbiological products, algae treatments, fertilizers, fish food);
  • water analysis (salt, carbonate hardness, pH level, total hardness and ammonia determination tests, mini-labs, electronic measuring equipment);
  • maintaining pools (antimicrobial agents and algae treatments);
  • maintaining fountains (water purifying, disinfection and algae treatments).

Söll trademark has created out a three-step system of maintaining ponds and aquariums.

Each step has its own features:

  1. To prepare water some treatments are required that will stabilize its contents: adjust hardness and pH, neutralize heavy metals.
  2. For fighting algae, in the product range of this brand, there are algae treatments.
  3. For water components control, special treatments for phosphate fixation.
Advantages of Söll Products

Producing goods the company founds on the results of its own chemical and biological research. This can guarantee that the products of the Söll trademark feature premium quality and, besides, they are totally harmless.

This brand also makes innovations in water purification. The company uses them successfully when manufacturing highly-effective products for aquariums and ponds.

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If you are fond of fish breeding in an aquarium or pond, TM Söll products will become your right hand in your hobby. In the shop Zoobio, you will be able to purchase goods from this German brand at the most affordable prices. Buy Söll products right now and they will be delivered in a short time!

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