Nail Clippers & Trimmers for rodents and small pets (2 products)

Nail care for rodents wanted? Here you will find a wide selection of Rodents nail care by big brands. Convince yourself on the Zoobio service and our low prices.
  • Nail Clippers 8 cm
    Art.-Nr.: 9617
    2,65 £*
    3,01 £*

    Availability: In stock

    Brand: Trixie
    Product type: Nail Clippers & Trimmers
    Package type: Single pack
    • Easy to use
    • Fine edges
    • Strong stainless steel
  • Claw Scissors Green
    Art.-Nr.: 83054
    2,93 £*

    Availability: Currently out of stock

    Brand: Trixie
    Product type: Nail care for rodents
    Package type: Single pack
    • High quality
    • Longstanding

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Nail Clippers & Trimmers for rodents and small pets

Nail Clippers & Trimmers - Top quality products

Claw Care for Small Pets

Claw care is a regular part of the program for most small pets. While we as humans can take care of our own hygiene and body care, we need to help our animals. Small animals in nature, such as rabbits, will keep their claws trimmed by scratching their claws on trees or digging in the ground. Since this is not possible for pets who live indoors, it is important that you pay close attention to claw care and make sure it is regularly carried out. You should ensure you use claw care products intended for this purpose so that you don’t hurt your pet when trimming its claws.

Order Claw Care Products From Zoobio

Claws that are too long are not only unattractive, but could have fatal consequences which could severely limit the life of your small pet. It is also not unheard of for claws to grow at an angle which can be very painful for your pet. Your pet will also not be used to dealing with long claws, which mean it could pull itself up on a ledge and get stuck, ripping off one of its claws. This is also incredibly painful. Claw trimmers from Zoobio are especially well-suited for trimming claws, and can be ordered online in a variety of different designs. You can save you and your animal a trip to the vet, and keep its claws at the perfect length.

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