Wood bedding chips for rodents and small animals (3 products)

Wood shavings pet bedding wanted? Here you will find a wide selection of Wood shavings bedding for small pets by big brands. Convince yourself on the Zoobio service and our low prices.

ZooBio recommends Wood shavings pet bedding brands as followed

  • Pitti
  • Chipsi
  • Tierwohl
  • Vitapol
  • Litter Classic 20 kg
    Art.-Nr.: 5385
    20 kg
    12,77 £*
    14,84 £*

    Availability: In stock

    Brand: Tierwohl
    Product type: Wood Bedding
    Package type: Single pack
    • Soft and gentle on joints
    • High absorbency
    • Dust-free
    • Easy to use
  • Super Fine Granulate 15 kg
    Art.-Nr.: 5372
    15 kg 3.4 kg
    9,44 £*
    10,98 £*

    Availability: In stock

    Brand: Chipsi
    Product type: Wood shavings pet bedding
    Package type: Single pack
  • Bedding for Small Animals 14 l
    0,94 £*

    Availability: Currently out of stock

    Brand: Pitti
    Product type: Wood shavings bedding for small pets
    Package type: Single pack
    • Completely natural product
    • Good absorbency

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Wood shavings bedding  for rodents

Wood Bedding - Top quality products

Wood Litter for Small Pets

Wood litter is an exceptional litter for small pet cages, such as for rabbits, thanks to its important properties, such as its ability to store moisture without letting it build up on the fur of the animal. In addition a cage that uses wood litter is very easy to clean. This biological litter is perfectly suited to use as litter in a toilet tray to keep it hygienic and keep your pet comfortable.

Order Wood Litter from Zoobio at a Low Price

In Zoobio’s selection you will find a huge selection of different wood litter for your small pet cage.

These products are all offered by top brands at especially low prices. The products are perfectly packaged and are of course free from any harmful substances and will not damage your pet’s health. It is also very comfortable, in addition to its other features. High quality wood litter from Zoobio keeps its promises and offers your pet a clean cage, whether it is used as a complete litter, or in combination with straw. Your pet is guaranteed to feel right at home. Take advantage of Zoobio’s offers and order a high quality wood litter for your small pet cage today, and you will always have a small supply at hand.

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