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Plankton food for the smallest ones

Sera Micron is the rearing food close to nature that even the smallest and most fastidious aquarium animals (fish and amphibian larvae, Artemia shrimps and others) in fresh and marine water like to eat.

This finely powdered food optimally resembles natural plankton in its contents (50% Spirulina and 16% Krill, among others) and structure (dust fine particles float in the water) and supports healthy growth, disease resistance as well as optimal development and color formation. The water is not unnecessarily polluted due to its excellent digestibility.

Food mixes Sera Micron packaging sizes
  • Micron 25 g
Spirulina  (50%) Krill  (16%) Cod liver oil  (davon 34% Omega-Fettsäuren) MOS (Mannan-oligosaccharides)  (0.4%)
Fish meal Shrimps wheat flour Herbs Nettle Lucerne Brewer's yeast Calcium caseinate Paprika Parsley Seaweed Spinach Gammarus Carrot Whole egg powder Green-lipped mussels Algae haematococcus Garlic Vitamin A
Vitamin A promotes improvement of Genital function and sight.Vitamin A: Learn more
 (6.200 IU/kg)
Vitamin D3
D3 vitamin is especially important for growth of bones.Vitamin D3: Learn more
 (300 IU/kg)
Vitamin E
Vitamin E participates in process of formation of sex hormones.Vitamin E: Learn more
 (20 mg/kg)
Vitamin B1
B1 vitamin promotes the strengthened growth of whitebaits.Vitamin B1: Learn more
 (6 mg/kg)
Vitamin B2
B2 vitamin plays an important role in formation of muscular tissue.Vitamin B2: Learn more
 (15 mg/kg)
Vitamin C
Vitamin C restores a skeleton and protective functions of an organism; normalizes carbohydrate and energy balance.Vitamin C: Learn more
 (95 mg/kg)
Analytical Constituents
Moisture 5.5%
Crude ash 10.5%
Crude protein 55%
Crude fat 7%
Crude fiber 6.4%
Feeding recommendations
Feed several times daily, only as much as the animals take up within a short time.

Nutrition advice

The balanced food is a groundwork of a good health of any pet. And aquarian small fishes are not an exception. Specialized forages for fishes will help to saturate their ration with all necessary vitamins, minerals and trace substances.

The main Nutrients that fishes have to receive with food are proteins, carbohydrates, fats, some types of minerals and vitamins. The healthy diet helps to strengthen protective functions of an organism of fishes and to increase resistance to infectious diseases.

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