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Information about manufacturer - Sera

The Sera company is engaged in producing of items for aquarium. The brand was born in Germany 40 years ago. The company received reputation of the innovator at once. In the early seventies in Sera the special method of sublimation, drying of a forage, was developed. The product prepared in such way could be stored for a long time at the room temperature, without losing the nutritious properties. Since then the Sera company constantly develops and expands the range of products. Today the headquarters of the company is located in Heinsberg, Germany . Items of this brand belong to the category of a premium class and differ in the highest quality.

Sera products

The product range of Sera has more than 200 names of items for aquariums, garden ponds and terrariums.

The company produces the following types of goods:

  • Food. There are basic and specialized series (for different types of fishes), and also the vitamin additional nutrition.
  • Water care products. Specialized medicines for each stage of preparation of water belong to this category (from enrichment by oxygen before normalization of biological structure).
  • Medicines for care of plants. It is various mineral fertilizers.
  • Algaecide agents. These are highly effective medicines which help to control growth of water plants in aquariums and ponds.
  • Equipment. Filters, pomps, lighting units, heaters and other aquarian equipment enter this category.
  • Medicines. These agents will give effective help at diseases of fishes.

Besides, Sera produces fully equipped aquariums and terrariums, and also racks and cabinets.

Advantages of Sera products

Items of Sera are highly effective means which are developed by professionals. The company constantly conducts its own researches and produces innovative products, demanded not only in the sphere of aquarium usage. For example, the filtering material for biological water purification developed by Sera is successfully applied within the space program of the USA.

All items of this brand are made with the purpose to create the conditions close to natural for underwater inhabitants as much as possible . Medicines are absolutely safe for the health of animals. And for creation of the equipment only the checked, reliable materials are used.

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