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Information about manufacturer - Schmusy

Schmusy is the German brand of wet cat food. Refined diets of this trademark consist only of fresh natural ingredients. Food is rich with animal protein and at the same time contain the minimum quantity of fats. Therefore they will be suitable for cats of all breeds and age.

Schmusy products

Food of the Schmusy trademark is manufactured in two forms: in cans and convenient pouches. In assortment of a brand there are 2 lines of products:

  • Fisch in Jelly — nutritious food with fish (sardine, tuna) in juicy jelly.
  • Nature's Menu are pieces of natural meat in tasty sauce. These balanced diets differ in a big variety of tastes: salmon with lamb, veal with poultry and paste, game with tuna, turkey with rabbit and rice and many others. In the Nature's Menu series items for senior cats and for kittens are presented.
Advantages of Schmusy products

The maintenance of proteinaceous products in diets of this brand is 95%.

The taurine, necessary for visual acuity and the correct development of a skeleton, is a part of Schmusy food. Such diets are enriched with Omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids which make your cat’s hair shiny, thick and healthy.

As auxiliary ingredients, the producer uses rice and pasta from durum wheat. They are digested well and are a source of complex carbohydrates which are not less important for cats, than qualitative protein.

At food production the sparing technology, thanks to which ingredients keep a maximum of useful substances, is used.

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In Zoobio online store you will be able to get natural food of the Schmusy trademark at the most reasonable prices. You will find a set of various diets with different tastes. Order products of this brand, and the cat will surely thank you for an appetizing treat with happy purr.

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