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Savic Bag it Up 42x32 cm
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Savic Bag it Up 12 Pcs

  • Makes it easier to clean a tray and get off the waste
  • Keeps liquids inside
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Bag it Up 12 Pcs

The Bag it Up can be used with Savic litter trays and toilet homes: Oval Tray Large and Flappy. These bags help you to clean cat litter tray quickly and easily. Moreover, the bags prevent urine scale and unpleasant odors. Finally, by using Bag it Up you extend the lifetime of your litter tray or toilet home.


  • Medium: 42x32 cm, 12 pcs
  • Large: 50x36 cm, 12 pcs
  • Maxi: 55x43 cm, 12 pcs
  • Jumbo: 67x48 cm, 6 pcs

The following article is suitable for: Nestor Toilet Home.

Litter trays Savic Bag it Up variants:
  • Bag it Up 42x32 cm
  • Bag it Up 50x36 cm
  • Bag it Up 55x43 cm
  • Bag it Up 67x48 cm

The choice of cat litter trays depends on the size of the cat. Litter trays with low sides should be chosen for kittens, while for large cat breeds as well as for adult cats, it is better to opt for litter trays with high sides. Apart from the ideal size, the tray's location is also important, so it should be put in a quiet place, which your cat can easily access anytime. The litter in cat’s trays requires full replacement at least 2 times a week, while the box itself should be thoroughly washed out. It is also additionally recommended to disinfect the litter tray itself and the place of its location.


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