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Information about manufacturer - Sanicat

Sanicat is a brand that belongs to the Spanish company Tolsa. It specialises in the production of feeds and pet care products. The history of the company accounts for more than 35 years. At present, Tolsa is one of the European leaders in this sphere.

Under the Sanicat litter for cat litter boxes is produced. These are innovation products of the highest quality that are popular in the whole world.

Sanicat Products

  • Classic, Extra, Super is a basic series of non-clumping cat litters.
  • Ultra is a clumping litter in the form of small granules of white bentonite.
  • Super Plus are products with the orange and Lavender scent.
  • 7 Days is an excellent choice for busy cat owners, as this litter should be changed only once a week. In the assortment, there are two kinds of litter – with Rose and Aloe Vera fragrances.
  • Bianca is an ultra-white bentonite product.
  • Oxygen Power is a disinfecting clumping litter with active oxygen and the scent of Marseille soap.
  • Bio is a product made of natural ingredients without any fragrances.
  • Zen is a litter with the lotus scent that produces a calming effect.
  • Eco is a product made from paper and cellulose.
  • Diamonds are silica gel litters with citrus, Aloe Vera and Lavender scents.
  • Selection Oriente is an ultra-clumping product with the scent of baby powder.
  • Mediterránea Selection is an ultra-clumping litter with small granules.
  • Evolution are cat litters made considering the age requirements of pets. This series includes three types of products: for kittens, adult cats and senior pets.
  • Color4you is a silica gel cat litter with colourful granules. Can be of three different kinds: fresh, floral and non-perfume.
  • Hygiene+ is an ultra-light litter with porous granules.

Sanicat also manufactures products for cleaning floors that kill bacteria, eliminate odours and reduce the risk of cat fur allergies in humans. Moreover, in the product range of this trademark, there are wipes, with the help of which you can efficiently clean your cat’s coat without using any water.

Advantages of Sanicat Products

Sanicat litters are natural products that absorb moisture and prevent bad odours perfectly well. In their production, the manufacturer uses natural sorbents sepiolite and bentonite.

Sanicat litters are hypo-allergenic and do not contain any dust. They also feature high efficiency and therefore are more cost-effective than other products.

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In the online-shop Zoobio, you can buy goods from the Spanish brand Sanicat at the most favourable prices. In our catalogue, there is a wide range of various cat litters, so you’ll definitely purchase an ideal product for your pet. Our customer service consultants are always ready to help you in this. If you want to make your pet’s life more comfortable, then order Sanicat products right now!

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