Rinti Canine Intestinal with Lamb

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400 g
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Scientifically developed for dogs with special nutritional requirements – supports dogs with health problems.

Intestinal with lamb (light diet for gastrointestinal problems):i-formulation
to counteract the effects of digestive insufficiency and for relief from acute intestinal absorption disorders.

Stomach & Digestion Rinti Canine Intestinal with Lamb packaging sizes
  • Canine Intestinal with Lamb 400 g

Meat and meat by-products (inter alia, 32% lamb), rice, oils and fats, minerals, vegetable by-products (inter alia, 0.3% psyllium), yeasts

Additives: Vitamin D3 (200 IU/kg), Vitamin E (20 mg/kg), Zinc [Zinc oxide] (13 mg/kg).

Analytical Constituents
Crude fat 4%
Crude fats and oils 8%
Moisture 80%
Crude ash 1.6%
Calcium 0.2%
Crude fiber 0.8%
Potassium 0.17%
Natrium 0.25%
Phosphorus 0.18%

Suitable for Dog breeds

All dog breeds
Feeding recommendations
Dog's weight Cans per day
10 kg 1.5
20 kg  2.5
40 kg 4 - 4.5


Recommended feeding time: 1-2 weeks for diarrhoea, 3-12 weeks to aid imbalanced digestion, for the rest of your dog's life for chronic pancreatic insufficiency. We recommend that you consult a vet prior to feeding your pet with this food for the first time or if you wish to extend the recommended feeding period.

Nutrition advice

Please pay attention to your dog's daily ration of the recommended food to get the ideal weight gain of your dog and prevent overweight. Your dog should always have an access to fresh water.

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