• Purina Gourmet Perle - Mini Fillets - Multipack EAN: 5000161033072 reviews
  • Purina Gourmet Perle - Mini Fillets - Multipack 4x85 g buy online
  • Purina Gourmet Perle - Mini Fillets - Multipack 4x85 g order cheap
  • Purina Gourmet Perle - Mini Fillets - Multipack 4x85 g
  • Purina Gourmet Perle - Mini Fillets - Multipack 4x85 g
Gourmet Perle - Mini Fillets - Multipack by Purina 4x85 g buy online
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Purina Gourmet Perle - Mini Fillets - Multipack 4x85 g

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Sophisticated cats can be fussy eaters, but they won't be disappointed by delicacies from GOURMET Perle. Each delicate recipe contains morsels with fish or meat to satisfy your cat's passion for seafood and meat varieties, tickling their fancy at every mealtime and offering complete adult nutrition with every bite. Morsels with different meats are cut into fillets and gently cooked in a savoury sauce.

This elegant combination will delight demanding palates and make every mealtime an irresistible experience. Each serving is sealed in an 85g pouch, ensuring freshness and quality every time.

All GOURMET Perle recipes are available in an 85g pouch to retain their delicious taste

Wet cat food Purina Gourmet Perle - Mini Fillets - Multipack packaging sizes
  • Gourmet Perle - Mini Fillets - Multipack 4x85 g
  • Composition
Turkey  (4%) Veal  (4%) Duck  (4%) Lamb  (4%)
Vitamin A
Beta carotene is one of the strongest antioxidants.Vitamin A: Learn more
 (1490 IE/kg)
Vitamin D3
The lack of D3 vitamin in an organism of a cat provokes the following problems: - failures in work of the alimentary system; - delicacy of a bone tissue; - deformations of paws, basin, head.Vitamin D3: Learn more
 (230 IE/kg)
Zinc is an important mineral which is a part of qualitative vitamin supplements and drugs.Zinc: Learn more
 (10 mg/kg)
Iron is necessary for pets for prophylaxis of anemia, rising of resilience of an organism to illnesses, appetite improvements.Ferrous: Learn more
 (10 mg/kg)
Manganese is an important trace substance that contains in all tissues and organs.Manganese: Learn more
 (2 mg/kg)
Copper is important for production of hemoglobin.Copper: Learn more
 (0.9 mg/kg)
Iodine is a part of hormones of a thyroid gland.Iodine: Learn more
 (0.3 mg/kg)
Meat Sugar Animal by-products Minerals
The minerals, necessary for animals, are divided into two groups: major elements and trace substances.Minerals : Learn more
Fish derivatives Fish Vegatable protein
Analytical Constituents
Moisture 79%
Crude protein 14%
Crude fat 2.5%
Crude ash 2.2%
Crude fiber 0.5%
Feeding recommendations

Feed your adult cat (4kg) up to 4 pouches per day, which should be divided between at least 2 meals. Individual needs vary, so please adjust the feeding amount to maintain a slim and healthy body shape of your cat. Pregnant or nursing cats: Feed as much as the cat eats. Serve at room temperature. 

Nutrition advice

High quality Wet cat food Gourmet Perle - Mini Fillets - Multipack​ is recommended Food for mature cats.​

We advise you to observe the daily ration recommended by manufacturer. An increased daily intake can negatively affect the cat's health. Please provide your pet a constant access to fresh water.

The domestic cat needs the balanced food. It has to be the closest to the food that its ancestors had in a native habitat. Such nutrition will provide long, active and happy life to a cat.

More about Cat feeding

Recommendations on daily protein and fat intake for cats:

Recommendations on daily protein and fat intake for cats


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