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Perfect Fit

Information about manufacturer - Perfect Fit

Perfect Fit is premium cat food that is made in Germany. This is a line of nutrition belongs to the international corporation Mars. Specially developed product for cats Perfect Fit will become a base of pets’ balanced and healthy diet.

Perfect Fit Products

In the assortment of this trademark, there are the following dry and wet foods:

  • JUNIOR is for kittens;
  • IN-HOME is for indoor cats;
  • ACTIVE is a product for cats that lead an active life;
  • SENSITIVE is food for cats with special requirements (sensitive digestion, prone to allergies);
  • SENIOR is nutrition for elderly pets;
  • STERILE is for neutered cats;
  • HAIR&BEAUTY is a food that makes skin and coat healthy.
  • IN-FORM is a low-calorie food for animals that are prone to have excess weight.

The company also manufactures accessories for pets, for example, branded bowls

Advantages of Perfect Fit Products

In its activities the company relies on the results of research. It was proved that cat feel better if they have protein diet, low in carbohydrates. The contents of Perfect Fit foods comply with the pets’ requirements. These products contain enough animal and plant proteins.

All foods from this brand contain various beneficial elements. Vitamin A ensures visual acuity, B-group vitamins are necessary for proper metabolism and vitamins E and C are responsible for body defences.

In these foods, there are special ingredients that make Perfect Fit nutrition even more useful:

  • yeast is a source of amino-acids and B vitamins;
  • calendula flowers are natural antioxidants and they improve visual acuity;
  • flaxseeds are a source of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids that are necessary for healthy skin and coat;
  • yucca extract is a guarantee of strong immunity and healthy intestinal tract;
  • sugar beet pulp is a source of fibre that improves digestion.
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In the online-shop Zoobio, you can buy foods from the trademark Perfect Fit at the most favourable prices. In our catalogue, there is a wide range of products from this brand. Therefore, you’ll definitely find the food that your cat will love. If you face any difficulties making a choice, feel free to contact our customer support consultants to get some advice. Do you want to have a bargain? Start placing your order right now!

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