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Information about manufacturer - OLEWO

OLEWO is a German company that produces natural vegetable supplements for animals. This brand appeared in the 1970s as a result of collaboration for a German pharmacist and a farmer. The pharmacist, after a lot of research came to the conclusion that carrots are a wonderful remedy to digestive disorders. For dogs, though, ground and dried carrots are efficient. Then, the local farmer produced the first carrot crisps for dogs; that’s how the history of the OLEWO brand started.

OLEWO Products

For dogs:

  • Carrots Digestive Dog Food Supplement is carrot crisps for dogs suffering from digestive disorders.
  • Red Beets Allergy Dog Food Supplement is beetroot crisps for pets prone to skin conditions;
  • Health Bars are nutritious treats with carrots and beets as well as with other additives (for example, oat flakes);
  • Health Rounds are crunchy aromatic snacks with vegetable tastes.

For horses:

  • Carrots Vitality Equine Feed Supplement for Horses is a carrot supplement;
  • Red Beet Supplement for Horses is beetroot crisps.

For small pets:

  • Small Animal Mix is a mixed supplement made of dried carrots and beets;
  • Dehydrated Red Beets are dried beetroot crisps.
Advantages of OLEWO Products

Supplements from the OLEWO trademark have a tremendous advantage over synthetic ones. They are fully organic and their curative effect is based on natural benefits of carrots and beets. Their ingredients make up for the shortage of vegetables if animals eat ready protein feed or home cooked food.

Carrots help to get rid of a stomach upset, improve skin health and strengthen immunity. Beetroots eliminate inflammations, fight skin allergies and help to detoxify the body. This supplement will be especially useful for guinea pigs as it contains vitamin C, which these animals can’t produce themselves.

All vegetables used in the production of supplements are grown at OLEWO farms that are located in the north of Germany. This region is famous for its fertile soil, therefore these vegetables contain much more nutrients than those that grown somewhere else. Furthermore, OLEWO grows a certain kind of carrot that is especially rich in beta-carotene.

Their vegetables are not sprayed with pesticides and herbicides. Carrots and beets are always subject to test to compliance with safety standards. Harvesting takes place when vegetables contain the maximum amount of nutrients. Immediately after that, vegetables are sent for processing, thus important vitamins and microelements preserve.

The company uses gentle processing techniques. Therefore, OLEWO supplements can be easily digested and absorbed.

If you give these supplements to your pet, the first result you’ll notice in a few days: your pet’s digestion will be normalized. In a couple of weeks you’ll notice the improvement of its coat: it’ll become soft and sleek. There will be unobserved, but  very important results; the immune system will become stronger and the level of antioxidants in the body will increase.

Buy OLEWO Online

In the Zoobio online shop, you can purchase natural nutritious supplements from the OLEWO trademark at the most affordable prices. Due to convenient browsing, you’ll find the necessary product without any effort. In our catalogue, there is a wide range of OLEWO products for dogs, small pets and horses. You can always ask our customer support online consultants for advice. Purchase OLEWO vegetable supplements right now – present your pet the health given by the nature itself!

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