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Information about manufacturer - Nutram

Nutram is a Canadian company that produces premium holistic food for cats and dogs. These are products of the highest quality that are made from natural ingredients that people can eat. At the Nutram company, they believe that a balanced diet is the guarantee of pet’s health and happiness. In the food from this brand, 19 Optimum Combinations are used that produce an overall positive effect on the pets’ health.

Nutram Products

The company produces three series of foods:

  • Sound Balanced Wellness is natural balanced nutrition for animals of all ages. There are special products for kittens and puppies, adult and senior pets as well as for the representatives of big and small breeds.
  • Ideal Solution Support is food for animals with special requirements. The following products can be found here:
    • for animals with extra weight;
    • for animals with sensitive skin and digestive problems;
    • for shedding pets.
  • Nutram Total Grain-Free is grain-free nutrition with a low glycaemic index.
Advantages of Nutram Products
  • The usefulness from each ingredient is doubled due to optimal combinations of products.
  • Foods are manufactured at the company’s factories, so each product passes strict quality tests at each stage of the production.
  • Products from the Nutram trademark improve digestion, activate body defences.
  • These foods do not contain any useless ingredients: maize, wheat, potatoes or soya.
  • Nutram products feature great variety. Therefore you’ll find suitable food for any pet.

The main feature of Nutram products is a special code for each food. No more confusing names, colourful packages and endless searches, each product has its own unique number. Thanks to this, you’ll always know what food your pet needs and will never buy anything wrong having taken a product in a similar packaging. There is also no need to worry if the package design is changed, as using the code you can always find the necessary product.

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Online shop Zoobio offers various foods from the Nutram trademark. In our convenient catalogue, you’ll find easily suitable food for your pet. If you have any questions concerning any product, you can always contact our support service employees for consultation. Take your chance to make a successful purchase – order foods from the Canadian brand Nutram right now!

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