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Information about manufacturer - NovaGard

NovaGard is a German brand that produces natural pet care products. Goods from this trademark are manufactured using innovation formula NOVAGard Greens. This means that only plant extracts and natural mineral complexes are used. The company implements all its experience and knowledge to make only the best products for your pets!

NovaGard Products

Anti-parasite treatments:

  • NovaGard Green Kombi is a reliable protection for cats, dogs and rodents from insect pests. You can use this treatment on beds, cages, etc.
  • NovaGard Green Spot-on Repellents are spot-on treatments for dogs and cats that are efficient even if there is some water on the coat.
  • NovaGard Green Anti-Parasit is an efficient protective product to protect your dog from ticks, fleas and lice. It includes Margosa, Lavender and Citronella oils.

Care products:

  • NovaGard Green Pflegesalbe is an ointment for skin and paws. Heals wounds, soothes irritations, and eliminates itching.
  • NovaGard Green Augenpflege are eye drops suitable for dogs and cats;
  • NovaGard Green Ohrenpflege are ear drops for cats and dogs. Prevent illnesses and ticks.
  • NovaGard Green Ohrenreiniger is a spray that protects ears, soothes skin and helps to eliminate ear ticks. Suitable for dogs and cats.
  • NovaGard Green Trockenschaumpflege is a dry shampoo.
  • NovaGard Green Frische Fellpflege is a treatment that improves coat. Has a very slight, fresh aroma.
  • NovaGard Green Geruchsabsorber Plus is a spray that eliminates bad odours.


  • NovaGard Green Pflegeshampoo is product for sensitive pets that are prone to allergies. The shampoo gently cleans the skin from dirt.
  • NovaGard Green Ungeziefershampoo is a treatment that protects animals from parasites. As an active ingredient, it contains natural Margosa oil that produces a gentle anti-parasitic effect.
  • NovaGard Green Shampoo is a shampoo that nourishes skin and makes coat healthy and sleek. Presented in three various kinds: for black, brown and white fur.
  • Advantages of NovaGard Products

    Products from this trademark are eco-friendly. These are fully natural treatments that are a safe alternative to chemical agents. NovaGard shampoos, sprays, drops and ointments contain high quality oils (clove, lavender, etc.) as well as plant extracts. Therefore, treatments from this trademark have a mild and gentle effect on animals’ skin.

    NovaGard products are made to the formulas developed by leading European vets. All the treatments are produced in convenient forms, i.e. sprays, dispenser bottles.

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