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Information about manufacturer - Natusan

Under the brand Natusan, premium hygiene litter for cat trays is produced. It belongs to clumping products. Natusan is a German brand that belongs to the Mars Petcare group.

Natusan Products

Under the brand Natusan, the produce litter from a natural mineral – bentonite, without any fragrances. It is pressed into granules of an average size, grey and brown in colour. The product is available in packages of 10 l and 20 l.

Advantages of Natusan Products

Natusan products don’t contain any dust or harmful additives. It suits all cat breeds. Animals will get used to this litter and will use it with pleasure.

It has a high level of absorption. Granules absorb moisture immediately and lock bad odours inside.

This product clumps very well and it is comfortable to remove it from the tray. You’ll have to replace all the litter just once in two weeks. Thus, it is very cost-efficient and lasts long. Natusan products are packed into comfortable packs made from eco-friendly materials.

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In the online-shop Zoobio, you can purchase natural litters from Natusan trademark at the most loyal prices. Products from this brand feature high-efficiency and first-rate quality. Therefore, you can purchase Natusan goods for your pet without any doubts. Place your order on Zoobio right now and you’ll forget that taking care for cat can be a nuisance.

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