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Information about manufacturer - Meradog

Under the trademark Meradog, high quality dog food is produced. The brand belongs to the German company MERA. Its history began in 1949. In the 60s, the company specialised in the production of milk for calves. It started manufacturing pet products at the beginning of 80s.

Meradog feeding belongs to premium and super premium dog food. Due to carefully chosen high quality components, they support dogs’ health and good state.

Meradog Products

  • Meradog High Premium Line Pure. This is exclusive food for dogs with sensitive digestion as well as for picky pets. Only one type of meat and one source of carbohydrates (high quality potatoes or the premium rice) are used in each products. Such food can prevent food allergies in pets.
  • Meradog High Premium Care Line. This product line is represented by feeding for adult dogs of various breeds and with different needs – starting from animals with high activity to senior pets. Sophisticated, difficult food recipes are created taking into account dietary requirements.
  • Meradog High Premium Care Puppy. This category includes milk for puppies, Junior 1 and Junior 2 products. This milk will become an excellent additional feeding for young animals and make their immune system stronger. With the Junior 1 product, during the first months of its life, your dog will get a lot of protein that helps joints, ligament, muscles and internal organs to develop. After 6 months large breed dogs start growing slower, therefore, their need less protein. At this age, Junior 2 suits them better. However, Junior 1 is necessary for small and medium breed dogs until the end of their growth period.
  • Meradog Premium Line. This is a line of balanced products for daily feeding of adult dogs. They are made of selected ingredients. You can choose the food for your dog that would suit its energy level.
  • Treats. These products will become a wonderful supplement to a dog’s daily ration. Meradog offers various delicatessen: from easy cookies to exquisite and very appetizing pastries.
Advantages of Meradog Products

All its products are manufactured in Germany. High quality of raw materials is proved by international certificates. The food meets dogs’ needs and does not cause digestive system overload.

Meradog offers products made to original recipes. Among them is a herbal meat supplement, which is convenient to use during mixed feeding and vegetarian diet.

For professional fanciers, Meradog offers food in large packages. Purchasing large packages, you can save your time and money.

Meradog occupies a leading position in sales growth rates in Germany. These products are supplied for 47 countries already.

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On our website, you can order products from this brand right now. We’ve chosen the best for your pet of what Meradog offers. Look through the catalogue, study the information on the product flypages and add chosen food into the cart. The ordering form is very simple and short, therefore it won’t take long to fill it in. If you need advice or any additional information concerning purchasing terms, just contact our online-consultants. They will be happy to answer your questions.

Our fair prices, discounts and promotions will help you to save money. We want our customers to come back to us again and again, so we pay a great deal of attention to the quality of our services. In particular, we deliver our orders in a short time.

Don’t miss a chance to bring joy to your dog and yourself with a successful purchase. Order Meradog products on Zoobio and your pet will thank you with its tenderness and loyalty.

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