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Marstall Vito 20 kg

  • Excellent saturation
  • Stimulates chewing
  • Enhanced with natural products
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Vito 20 kg

Marstall Vito – an innovative marstall-conditioning feed for horses with metabolic related problems. None cereal based and free from molasses, low in starch and sugars but rich in crude fibre with a broad spectrum of valuable ingredients. It provides your horse with all the vitamins and minerals and trace elements needed. Enhanced with natural products such as carrots and delicious garlic flakes.

The recipe has been optimised according to scientific findings. Vito based on structured carbohydrates ("NDF"), low in sugar and starch. A conditional feed with a low glycemic and insulinemic index. This is the reason why this feed is ideal for horses suffering from diabetes or starch incompatibility or in general, sensitive to fructan. Due to the high amount of "crude fibre 19%" Vito has an excellent saturation. Therefore it is also suitable fed as a reduced ration. When problems arise with the masticatory apparatus or when horses tend to rush their feed, Vito can be soaked beforehand (1 litre Vito to 1 litre of water), and then fed.

Hay & Fibres Marstall Vito packaging sizes
  • Vito 20 kg
  • Composition
Hot-air dried grass  (78%) refined rapeseed oil  (5%) Lucerne hay  (4%) Carrot  (3%) Apple remnants  (2%) Sunflower shells  (1%) Garlic flakes  (1%) Sodium chloride
Sodium and chlorine take part in maintenance of osmotic and acid-base balance.Sodium chloride: Learn more
Cacium carbonat  (0.8%) Monocalcium phosphate  (0.5%) Flaxseeds  (0.5%) Brewer's yeast  (0.5%) Magnesium oxide  (0.3%)
Biotin  (630 mcg/kg) Vitamin E  (610 mg/kg) Zinc as zinc oxide  (280 mg/kg) Choline chloride  (270 mg/kg) Iron sulfate monohydrate  (170 mg/kg) Manganese(II) oxide  (125 mg/kg) Vitamin B12  (100 mcg/kg) Vitamin C  (79 mg/kg) Copper sulfate pentahydrate  (42 mg/kg) Vitamin A  (25.800 IE/kg) Nicotinic acid  (25 mg/kg) Vitamin B1  (18 mg/kg) Calcium-pantothenate  (15 mg/kg) Folic acid  (10 mg/kg) Vitamin B2  (6.5 mg/kg) Vitamin K3  (4.5 mg/kg) Vitamin D3  (1.000 IE/kg) Calcium iodate anhydrous  (1 mg/kg) Selenium as sodium selenite  (0.9 mg/kg)
Analytical Constituents
Crude fiber 19%
Crude ash 12%
Crude protein 11.5%
Crude fat 8%
Calcium 0.9%
Natrium 0.5%
Phosphorus 0.4%
Magnesium 0.4%
Feeding recommendations

Vito As an additional supplement to a forage diet

Light work approx. 2–3 kg

We recommend feeding Vito soaked (1 litre Vito to 1 litre water, allow to steep for 15-20 min.). Above all for hasty and greedy eaters, dental problems and poor digestion etc.

Nutrition advice

Balanced horse food
Every day the horse has to receive a set of forages and additives which will provide her organism with necessary nutritious and biologically active agents. Only in this case it for a long time will remain beautiful, healthy and full of strength.

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