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Mars Cat

Information about manufacturer - Mars Cat

The history of the American group Mars began in 1911, in Tacoma, Washington. At that time, Ethel and Frank Mars made chocolates in their own kitchen. Nowadays, Mars is a world-famous company that produces a great number of products. Among them is food for pets, for cats, in particular.

Mars Cat Products

  • Dreamies. Under this trademark, crunchy squares with soft filling are produced. You can give them to animals from the age of 1 year as a snack or a treat. One square contains only 2 cals.
  • Perfect Fit. These are professional super premium foods. The manufacturer offers both dry and wet feeding for cats with different needs. For example, you can choose an ideal feed for a very active pet, sterilized animal or other types of cats that need special diet.
  • Royal Canin. Daily foods from this brand belong to premium products, and its veterinary product line is often referred to super premium class. Royal Canin team collaborate closely with fanciers and vets and it helps the company to improve the existing foods and to create new ones.
  • Sheba. Under this trademark, premium wet foods are produced. Vets and dieticians make up its recipes. In the production, modern technologies and scientific developments are used. There are no preservatives and colourants, but there are vitamins and minerals. Finally, Sheba products have an excellent taste and aroma.
  • Whiskas. This is one of the most famous brands that makes cat foods. Many Whiskas products belong to budget class, however, they have a competitive edge over their analogues. The fact is that these foods are balanced in vitamins and minerals, besides, cats like them very much.
  • Kitekat. These foods are made from a unique, balanced formula. These products give animals the vital energy that is necessary for leading an active life.
  • Catsan. Under this brand, high quality litters for cat trays. They absorb moisture fast and prevent bad odours from spreading all over.
Advantages of Mars Cat Products

Among the company’s products, you can find a food for a cat of different ages and with various needs. Moreover, Mars offers products in various price ranges. Both inexpensive and premium foods have received a good reputation.

R&D centre Waltham is an important part of the Mars company. It collaborates with the largest scientific organisations. Specialists working in this centre have reached significant success studying the issues that concern pets’ feeding. Thanks to this, the company’s products make animals happy and healthy.

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In our shop, there is a wide range of products from different brands. You can look through the catalogue right now and choose food or treats that would suit your wallet and quality requirements. It will take you just a few minutes to place an order. We’ll organise fast delivery in a short time.

Our democratic prices will help you to save money. Use our services regularly and you’ll be able to buy not only high-quality food products for your pet but also a great number of other necessary things like toys and accessories.

Mars products are a combination of experience, innovations and care of pets’ wellness. Take this opportunity –order feed or treats for your pets right now!

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