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Information about manufacturer - Marengo

Marengo is a German manufacturer of premium holistic food for dogs and cats. Marengo feeding has been created specially for those, who want to give their pets only organic products. Long ago, scientists proved that the quality of food influences dogs’ health directly. Most illnesses are caused by feeding mistakes: bad quality products or unbalanced diets. Marengo products feature very high quality and optimal ingredients; do not contain any chemical additives or allergens.

Marengo Products

The main product produced by the Marengo trademark is dry dog food. This product line is represented by 4 kinds of feed:

  • Premium is a nourishing grain-free product rich in meat for active dogs. Suitable for dogs with sensitive digestion.
  • Classic is food for normally active dogs that do not get considerable physical load.
  • Native Way is wholesome grain-free feeding for adult dogs;
  • Junior is food for puppies and growing dogs.

The company also produces 4 kinds of canned food:

  • Wolfshappen (Wolf Bites) are juicy pieces of venison;
  • Bio Beef is a fully organic product with beef;
  • Bio Complete Rind (Beef) is natural food with beef, herbs and vegetables;
  • Complete Ente & Wild (Duck & Venison) is complete feeding with duck and venison for adult dogs.

The trademark Marengo offers the following products as treats:

  • Natural Corn-Vegetable Croquettes are crispy vegetarian crackers with vegetables and cereals.
  • Fun-Kuchen are tasty cookies, with which you can treat your pet between meals. Moreover, they will become an excellent reward for good behaviour.
  • Training Treat. Treats made from whole-grain flour with fennel and Emmental cheese will motivate your pet while playing and training.
  • Zwieback mit Ente are zwiebacks with duck meat that help to take care of teeth; suitable for sensitive dogs suffering from allergies.
  • Hirsch-Kekse are grain-free snacks with poultry and fennel.

In the brand product range, there is also a series of herb biscuits.

  • Wellness-Bits (with dandelion, nettle, fennel and birch leaf) is an aromatic treat for healthy coat, skin and the digestive system;
  • Athro-Bits (with milk, calcium and thistle oil) is a treat useful for joints and ligaments.
  • Senior-Bits (with hawthorn and lemon balm) is a specialized treat for senior dogs that improves heart and blood vessels performance.
  • There is also a series of nourishing supplements for dogs:

    • Ziegenmilch is dry goat’s milk that can substitute mother’s milk perfectly well.
    • Puppy Brei is a gentle porridge for puppies aged 4-8 weeks;
    • Junior is a complete and balanced feeding for puppies from the age of three weeks up to 6-12 months.
    • Furthermore, the company produces cat food; Katzenglück wet food with natural poultry meat, beef and seafood, in particular.

      Recently, the Marengo company started to manufacture its own pet care products: tick repellents and cleaning lotions.

      Advantages of Marengo products

      The company implements modern technology of product processing – they are cooked under vapour pressure. Thus, all important vitamins and nutrients are preserved in food. Moreover, the manufacturer uses widely various herb mixes that are sources of very important microelements.

      Among the range of products, you’ll find a suitable product for a pet of any age. You can also choose feeding for animals with special requirements: with stomach problems, an allergy and so on.

      Buy Marengo online

      In the Zoobio online shop, there is a comprehensive assortment of the products from the German brand Marengo. In our catalogue, you can choose food and care products at the most democratic prices. Do you want to have a bargain? Purchase for your pet natural products from Marengo right now!

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