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Information about manufacturer - Luposan

The history of the German brand Luposan began more than 50 years ago. The manufacturer adheres to the concept according to which pets just like their remote ancestors are predators. Based on this Luposan team makes dry feeds that fully meet all the biological needs of the animals. Plenty of food supplements with the help of which pets can avoid various health problems are also produced under this brand.

Luposan products

  • Luposan GelenkKraft. This food supplement strengthens joints. It is very beneficial for does at later stages of pregnancy, have a positive effect on the process of formation of connective tissue of the foetus, contribute to the formation of normal bone and muscle structure during the growth period, improves the dog’s life quality, especially old ones.
  • Luposan KräuterKraft. This unique vegetable product is beneficial for metabolism. The medication intake gives plenty of positive results including healthy skin, shiny coat, toxin elimination, regular natural purification of anal glands.
  • Luposan LUPOcox-GRA. This biological additive was developed for satisfying the needs of old dogs. It contains agents that are beneficial for heart, kidneys, liver, eyes, joints and immune system.
  • Luposan LupoDerm. The product maintains the skin and hair health, reduces the moulting period and improves pigmentation. It is meant for dogs, cats and horses.
  • Luposan Biotin+. The additive is beneficial for skin, hair and claws. With it you can prevent dogs and cats from having the deficit of biotin which causes such problems as thin, coarse and dull hair, dandruff, itching, eczema, gray hair, disturbance of claw growth.
  • Luposan Lachsol. It is natural oil that is manufactured from fresh Scandinavian salmon. It can be used during eczema, itching, skin dryness, weakened immune system, liver failure, kidney diseases, loss of appetite.
  • Luposan Zeckweg. This product prevents animals from having ectoparasite infection. The fact is that bad diet and metabolic disorders oftentimes create favourable conditions for unwanted guests. Luposan Zeckweg gives the skin necessary nutrients, removes the dog’s smell and has a positive effect on the animal’s state in general.
  • Luposan MoorLiquid. This is an additional feed for dogs, cats, horses, birds and rodents. Natural medicinal mud contains vitally important components. It regulates the function of gastrointestinal tract, promotes hematosis and is beneficial for hair.
  • Luposan Plaquex. Granules made of natural ingredients are an effective remedy for dog dental care. Besides, it removes the accumulated plaque and prevents its further formation, unpleasant mouth odours become less palpable.
  • Lupo Sensitiv 20/8. This dry feed is suitable for dogs with a normal and slightly lowered level of activity, with excess weight as well as for old animals.
  • Lupo Sensitiv 24/10. This dry feed is developed for dogs with a normal and increased level of activity, for grown up dogs with normal weight, for puppies, for pregnant and lactating does. These feeds, as well as Lupo Sensitiv 20/8, are suitable for animals with allergies, as well as for those that suffer from digestion problems due to unhealthy diet.
Advantages of Luposan products

Products are manufactured from natural ingredients at a plant in Germany. In most cases raw materials are bought from local manufacturers. There are no ingredients of Asian origin. Moreover, Luposan does not use chemical preservatives, artificial flavouring or colouring agents and genetically modified products.

Products are not tested on laboratory animals. In order to check the quality of the product, Luposan specialists give it to their own pets.

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Our prices for Luposan products will help you save money. Moreover we regularly surprise our clients with beneficial special offers and discounts.

Do not miss the opportunity to make a good purchase and take care of  your pet’s health. Place an order for Luposan right now and the animal will thank you with cheerful mood, vitality and love.

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